To be sure, we are most interested in engaging others in interesting conversations.

The content of this blog may be understood in terms of four areas:

Political: Indeed, nothing is outside the realm of politics–not even humor.  The realm of politics is is concerned with issues of power.  Our political belief system is Black Nationalism.  That means we believe Black people should control the social world within our communities.  The “social world” includes all major institutions.  These are the family (kinship), education, polity, law, and religion.  As all individuals and peoples naturally claim the ability and right to define themselves on their own terms based upon the standards they set, so it is so for Black Americans and all peoples of Afrikan descent.  Ashe´!  El Hajj Malik El Shabazz delivered some of the best expositions on Black Nationalism, and you can look here for his speeches.

Cultural: Our cultural philosophy is Pan-Afrikanism, which means that we believe in the shared history and destiny of all peoples of the Afrikan diaspora.  As Afrika goes, so goes Black Americans, Caribbeans, Afro-Cubans, etcetera.  A good book on the cultural continuity of peoples of the Afrikan diaspora is Steppin’ on the Blues (1996).  It’s an interesting and easy read.  The Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (1986) is a very good source for understanding Pan-Afrikanism.

Personal: Self-improvement through self-expression is not lost here.  This blog allows us to improve our writing, further develop our critical thinking skills, and unload personal issues.

Humor: No one can or should be serious all the time, and we are no exceptions.  At times, propriety will be sacrificed in order get across an idea in a humorous way.  It is not our intention to offend anyone, but surely in the course of sharing ourselves, we are likely to offend someone.  We will try to keep this to a minimum.


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