He is a warrior-scholar happily 🙂 married with two young seeds!  An, educator, social scientist, and individual devoted to the uplift of his people, Earpiece literally embodies the experiences of Black people from just about every sub-culture available.  “Humble beginnings” doesn’t even begin to express where this man started, but I (Sundjata) would follow him if he ever decides to lead on a national level.  He and his wife are the modern Huxtables, as his queen has earned a J.D., and he holds several degrees and is currently earning the title of Ph.D.  All that, and he has a serious freestyle.  What?!


He is a warrior-scholar whose life has thus far mirrored Malcolm X’s in many ways (the last chapter has yet to be written).  A single-father, social scientist, and reputed “good brotha,” Sundjata is absolutely in love with Black women–period!  He has a rare love for Black people, making him supremely dedicated to the uplift of his people.  His jump shot is butter, and he will sock you.



Sundjata & Earpiece

5 thoughts on “Who

  1. And if you don’t believe Sundjata will sock you, just ask my Asian homie who asked for some business at a local K-Mart one fateful eve many moons ago.

  2. Hi, my name is Danielle Brown. I’m writing a feature story about “black women who hate their natural hair”. I read your article “Black Women, Black Hair, & Black Self-Hate.” and that’s why I would love to ask you a few questions (by email)
    and I feature you for this article. Please let me know if this is
    something that you would like to work with me on.

  3. Contact me. I could not find your email address. My email is located in the ABOUT tab of my website. I want to interview you on my podcast show reference your article “Women Blame Yourselves”.

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