The Rules of Engagement

Moderation:  The content of your comments are refereed; however, we have a fairly liberal moderating policy.  Any post designed to advertise a product is subject to never see the light of this weblog.  Comments with more than two links are also subject to never see the light of this weblog.

Content:  Your opinions, thoughts, musings, sketches, etcetera are very much welcomed here. We particularly encourage you to cite your sources–though not necessary–so that we may benefit as you have.  We will allow discussions to follow their natural course, but please try to stay on task with the post you are commenting on.  We also encourage you to discuss the issues in an impersonal manner; however, it is our contention that objectivity is a falsehood.  As such, the content we post displays our values, as we would not waste time writing about phenomena that is meaningless to us.  And, likewise, we do not expect anyone to comment on anything that is meaningless to them.  Therefore, be aware that people tend to be somewhat connected to their comments–no matter how much they try to deny it.  Mutual respect is key.

Language, Grammar, Syntax:  For the most part we will not edit your comments before posting them.  If you sound ridiculous, your post will go up as is.  If you sound amazingly brilliant, your post will reflect that.  We ask that you refrain from gratuitous cursing.  While we recognize that all words are merely tools employed in order to convey meaning, please do your best to keep it PG-13.

Intellectualism:  We are under no assumption that we know everything.  We may argue cogently based upon what we know, but we are very much open to changing our minds.  The goal is to sharpen our steel against yours, so be open to new ideas and various worldviews that may be completely foreign to yours.  And, when commenting remember that we make no judgments regarding your intellectual capabilities.  While we are champions of education, you do not need a formal education to discuss issues here.  Intelligence comes in many forms, and we surely have not cornered the market on any type.  So DON’T BE AFRAID!  We welcome you.

Time:  All posts have a 60 day window for comments.  Once a post that you would like to comment on is closed, you may email your comment to the address listed below.

A Word to Non-Black Visitors:  It has come to our attention that non-Black visitors may not feel comfortable commenting for fear of being called “racist” or some other backlash.  We are not going to baby anyone or sugarcoat what needs to be said, if in fact, something needs to be said. Still, discussing the content of this weblog with like-minded individuals is masturbation.  Earpiece and I could just talk to each other on the phone.  That said, we are very much interested in the opinions of those whose experiences and worldview are different from ours.  We want to disabuse us all of the fallacy of bifurcation.  There is almost always another option for developing solutions to problems that we face, and we will not find it if we do not engage those who have a point of view different from ours.


Sundjata & Earpiece