Aaron Hall’s “Don’t Be Afraid”…Give These Lyrics a Second Listen

So I’m stuck in Cali traffic with a giant smile on my face because I’m literally jamming to a ’90s mix of music until Aaron Hall’s “Don’t Be Afraid” came on, and shit got real.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Law & Order SVU, but me thinks me hears the song of a rapist. I’m just sayin’…read the words and sing along.

The Illest Uppercut of All Time & An Unconventional View on Lil Reese

So in the video above, a chick calls out Lil Reese, and he obliges her.

In the video above, a bus driver applies a shoryuken uppercut to a disrespectful young lady who was calling him out.

Now, in both videos, there was a chick who apparently watched too many Lara Croft and  Charlie’s Angels movies, thinking that the average woman could, in fact, whoop the average man’s ass, only to be summarily disabused of that notion and brought crushingly back to reality.   Continue reading

Real Life Superhero Spotted

So I’m rolling through the streets of Los Angeles, and I spot this man very sanely strolling down the street in what might be considered and insane outfit. Ladies and gentleman, I paid three dollars to take a picture with the last superhero–Black Zorro!


(Oh and I shit you not when I say that he would not let me leave until he motioned the “Z” in the air with his sword. This is my real life. I can’t make this shit up.)