Negrophobia, Reasonable Racism, and Standing Your Ground

…’Negrophobia’ and the incorporation of what has been referred to as ‘reasonable racism’ or the notion that, because of their perceived dangerousness, the irrational fear of blacks might be justified in situations where whites take preemptive action (shooting) to ward off their prospective attacker(s)…But the obvious problem with such a premise is that, in the socially constructed minds of many whites and some racial minorities, all blacks and Latinos look like potential robbers.  In the end…crime becomes racialized or, put another way, crime becomes associated with particular racial groups” (Gabbidon 2010).

NegrophobiaI figured that I’d proffer an academic explanation–not condonation–of the completely irrational actions of some white folk while in the presence of black and brown people.  Perhaps some of you would like to know that criminologists have been researching and theorizing on the irrational antipathies that so many white folk have.

I’d like to remind us all that…

…there has never been a period in U.S. history during which black people were beating, raping, murdering, or robbing white folk en masse.  On the other hand, there is a long history of good Christian white folk beating, lynching, hanging, murdering, raping, torturing, and committing some of the most vile acts possible en masse against black bodies.

Jordan Russell DavisLast Friday, Michael Dunn David (45) murdered Jordan Russell Davis (17) for being black and not turning his music down when he was instructed by a white man to do so.  David said he noticed a car full of black teenagers playing music loudly, and he felt threatened.  Because he felt threatened, he approached the car and told the kids to turn down the music.  When they refused, and probably either turned the music up or actually said Michael David Dunnsomething along the line of, “fuck you,” David felt further threatened, and thought he saw a shotgun.  That chimera engendered further threat, so David pulled out an actual gun (that he just happened to have with him) and fired eight or nine shots into the car, killing Jordan Russell Davis.  As all justifiably threatened white folk do after justifiably killing some threatening black kids with their threatening black music, David and his girlfriend took off into the night.  Some bystanders wrote down the license plate, and David was later arrested.  No shotgun was ever recovered.

Guess what!  David and his lawyer are planning to use the infamous Stand Your Ground law in Florida–the same one being used by Zimmerman after he murdered Trayvon Martin.  Apparently, reasonable racism and negrophobia are acceptable grounds for legal defense.

I wonder what would happen if I killed some white teenagers because I thought they might lynch me or rape my lady or sell my children.  Any lawyer out there know of a legal precedent that would support my rational, historically-based, fears of white teenagers?

…needless to say, I won’t be visiting Florida.

One thought on “Negrophobia, Reasonable Racism, and Standing Your Ground

  1. I recently “Liked” a Pro-Black page on Facebook and of course started reading the posts by the authors of the page as well as the comments on the most recent shooting of the young black male you referred to. I have noticed a rather disheartening trend in regards to black people in this country. Because of “White Privilege”, yurugu are typically assumed innocent or having good cause when there is a question that they may have committed an unlawful act against Hue-mans. Hue-mans are typically assumed the aggressor, threatening, or in some way intimidating. When Hue-mans condemn whites for their violent and criminal behaviors, negroes crawl from out of the kitchens and bedrooms of their slave master’s to come to their defense. Some of their most compelling arguments (sarcasm) are; “Not all white people are bad.”, “There are good and bad people in all races.”, “You’re being racist!” “This has nothing to do with race.”. The real issue isn’t necessarily that all whites are bad, but all whites have been adorned with “white privilege” which means that they ALL are a threat to Hue-mans whether they actively exercising their privilege or not.

    This systems is set up by whites for whites. Stand your ground only applies to them. Our being black in “their” country is the threat that whites are referring to when they say they are fearful for their lives, so in essence there is always the right for them to “Stand their ground” against us. Whether or not they choose to use their white privilege and exercise that right is the only question.

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