The Illest Uppercut of All Time & An Unconventional View on Lil Reese

So in the video above, a chick calls out Lil Reese, and he obliges her.

In the video above, a bus driver applies a shoryuken uppercut to a disrespectful young lady who was calling him out.

Now, in both videos, there was a chick who apparently watched too many Lara Croft and  Charlie’s Angels movies, thinking that the average woman could, in fact, whoop the average man’s ass, only to be summarily disabused of that notion and brought crushingly back to reality.  

Lil Reese has received a ton of hate mail for his actions.  Some people have actually called the bus driver a hero.  Here’s my unpopular thought: if, in these videos, we saw a short man calling out some other man only to be destroyed, no one would care.  We can’t have it both ways ladies and gentlemen.  We can’t work on removing gender inequality in one area, but claim the benefits of it in another.

Honestly, with all of the misogynistic, dehumanizing, disrespectful, and just plain mean shit we rap about, sing about, and create movies about, it’s NO WONDER why men are beating the shit outta women every now and then.

Where was your outrage when DMX rapped about raping a girl older than 15 in a song?  Don’t feign outrage at these situations when we tolerate and even celebrate so many other degrading activities.  Just laugh at it.  It’s funny.  We have all been somewhere watching some chick go off on some dude and thought, “He should just slap that bitch.”  Well, the bus driver did it.  Lil Reese did it.  So what?  Why are you outraged?  You haven’t been outraged.  Hell, Mr. Marcus was knowingly infecting women in the porn industry with syphilis.  That shit hardly made the news.  Where was your outrage then?

9 thoughts on “The Illest Uppercut of All Time & An Unconventional View on Lil Reese

  1. The Lil Reese incident is completely different from the bus driver incident. He put his hands on her FIRST! You can hear the girl in the video telling Lil Reese to keep his hands to himself. That girl (his ex gf) was telling him to get out of HER house because he brought his boys over without her permission. That’s why she says in the video “what are they doing here?” He wanted to act tough in front of boys, so he was putting his hands in her face AND flashed his pistol at her. She told him “they didn’t stop making guns after they made yours,” which hurt his ego. Not only did he jump on her, one of boys had jumped in for a brief moment also.

    Regardless of whether or not it was a man or woman he was beating on, you mean to tell me that that girl had no right to kick him out of HER house??

    • I love your name choice!

      So I looked at the video a couple more times with new eyes–as they say–and it does seem as though Lil Reese came lookin’ to stunt for his friends. After all, someone was filming it for a reason.

      I never said that she didn’t have the right to kick him out, but I do wonder whether she actually thought that suggesting that gunplay was an option was going to get him to back down.

      Still, my central argument stands. Folk are up in arms about this, but this is but a small token of what is celebrated in many forms of media. Men have been successfully beating the shit out of women an apologizing for quite a long time (ever hear of the “rule of thumb?). It just seems to me that our “outrage” is literally al talk.

  2. My concerns with the bus driver hitting the woman is that he was at his place of employment and she was not. I have read many comments on other sites stating that he should not have been relieved of his duties as a bus driver. As a professional he had a duty to defuse the situation by pulling the bus over and contacting the proper authorities, before it escalated to violence. I am sure that the transit company has policies and protocols in place for handling irate passengers and as a 20+ year employee I’m sure he was aware of them. As a professional he should not have engaged in a ten minute argument with a passenger. I also feel that his reaction was a bit excessive. Neither a man or woman should expect to get away unscathed after purposely assaulting someone, but that is not to say that his actions are acceptable or justifiable when he had the power to defuse the conflict before it came to blows.

    • Dope name! A lot people have no idea where the name Candace came from. I agree about the guy diffusing the fight. I don’t doubt that as a 20 yr veteran he’s been called out many times. I think he just hit his breaking point in this case. He simply decided he’d had enough. I could be wrong, but how many times have you been completely annoyed by someone playing in the street because they know they have the right of way. How satisfying would it be to one day clip one of them just make a point? I think it was kinda like that for the bus driver. That said, it was only that he lose his job; although, I doubt he would’ve lost his job if he’d punched a dude.

      • There have been plenty of occasions when I would have relished in the act of clipping one of the annoying idiots while playing in the street, but if I acted on that desire I would have to take the punishment given and I am sure that the general population would not agree that my course of action was justifiable because I was irritated. I am in no way condoning the action of the female passenger, I’m just saying that the bus driver should have used his experience and resources to defuse and prevent the already hostile situation from escalating. Unfortunately, you are probably correct in stating that had he punched a male passenger he would not have lost his job, but I wonder if he would have reacted similarly if the woman had been white. Hmmmmm. lol

        • Oh good question!!!! I guarantee you that he would have all of the right decisions to defuse the fight if she’d been white! No way would he have laid a finger on her if she were white–no matter how many times she hit him.

          • It is sad and a shame that as black people we have been conditioned to accept almost anything that white people have to dish out, but we have very little tolerance for our own people. I’m sure he was annoyed, but I think he could have used a different tactic to subdue the passenger.

  3. The Lil Reese vid makes me sick. He didn’t have to beat her @ss like that and the worst part is all those n**gas stood there and didn’t try to stop it. Straight ghetto trash.

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