iPhone 5: Another Reason To Stick With Android

First, let me say that all of you who sold your soul or stood by your computers late at night or stood outside Apple stores to be the “first” to get an iPhone 5 must have very short memories.  How many times does Apple have to screw you with being the “first” to get a new iPhone before you realize that it’s smarter to just wait a couple of months for the bugs to be worked out?  How much do you want to bet that the second generation of the iPhone 5 will be the one that really works?

Anyhow, my main beef with the iPhone 5 is the new “Lightning” connector.  Taking a page from the world of PC’s, Apple has decided to create an artificial need.  First, consider how ubiquitous the current iPod/iPhone connector is.  Most any company with anything to do with sound, makes the iPod dock standard while all other MP3 players must use the auxiliary connector.  iPod has become synonymous with “MP3 player” just like Tide became synonymous with detergent, Pledge with dusting, Kleenex with tissues, Coke for any brown soda, and Xerox for copiers and copying.  That’s quite a statement.  So why change anything?

Now the iPhone 5 has this “Lightning” dock that is much smaller than the current 30-pin dock.  But, do you know what’s on the other end of that lightning?  A standard USB connector.  Thus, there is nothing lightning fast about the new Lightning dock.  My question is: if the USB is good enough to connect to my computer, why not just use a mini USB connector for the iPhone 5 like just about every other smartphone device on the market?

Oh!  I get it.  Gotta create a new need to buy new shit.  Thanks Apple.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 5: Another Reason To Stick With Android

  1. This is very true, I almost want to wait for the second generation, but as an American, I must be first to make mistakes, and rewrite past iPhone history.

  2. Personally, I’m excited about the lightning connector. It’s annoying how bulky the current connector is, especially when you’re trying to handle your phone / use the phone while it’s plugged in. The lightning connector won’t get in the way as much. A one time $29 purchase for the adapter isn’t that bad. Simply keep it with the phone as you move from dock to dock.

    Also, I’ve never purchased an iPhone that had many bugs on day one. With any other company I’d agree, let the bugs get worked out, but with Apple you always get a quality, functional product on day one. At least in my experience you do.

    • My Macbook Pro worked out of the box and has continued to work without a problem; however, do you recall the issues with the iPhone antennae? Let’s not forget the horrible battery life of the iPhone, and then there was a time when Apple put out an iPhone and seemingly put out a workable version within the same year, which crashed the price of the first version, but only after consumers spent hundreds of dollars.

      This is pretty standard operating procedure for a lot of smartphones manufacturers (I was burned being the “first” to get a new BlackBerry a few times), but what bothers me here is that there was no need to change the dock, and in fact, Apple could’ve made the dock to be a mini USB port. Honestly, I think Apple chose not to just to be different in an unimportant way and to keep the market fragmented. Twenty-nine dollars is not a lot of money, but the need for it is completely artificial. More importantly, there is reason to believe that the new dock, once connected with the adapter, won’t translate the display from the iPhone 5 properly. Yipes!

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