‘Bout To Get Me A White Chick! Holla!

The video above makes the usual arguments regarding what a white woman and black woman would do.  But, in the most ignorant manner possible, here are my thoughts regarding what a black woman won’t do relative to a white woman:

Step yo’ game up chumps!  If dese hoes ain’t poppin’ it and bussin’ it open the way u think dey should, my dude, that’s ur bad!

I’ve been wanting to write something hella ignorant like that all week, but I didn’t have a good outlet.  The reality is that there is nothing that a black woman won’t do that a white woman would.  Have you ever been to college?  Women (of all races) are suckin’ and fuckin’ without little things like scruples or morals or social norms weighing them down.

I’ve never met a black woman who doesn’t willingly and gladly go down.  In fact, I agree with Chris Rock when he said that your woman is nastier than you can imagine–that she wants to do the nastiest shit you can imagine, but you just gotta ask properly.  Hell, if you are just that dude, you won’t even have to ask.  I’m going to agree with those black women who say “No weak men permitted.”  If you’re a weak dude or not sexy or attractive, of course you can’t get your queen to do anything special for you, and her race won’t matter if you suck homie.

In short, I totally disagree that white women are somehow raunchier than black women.  That said, I’ve posted this video because it’s hilarious, and the black chick does a great job of summing up a lot of stereotypes.

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