When Did Republicans Start Caring About the Black Unemployment Rate?

You might recall that when Mitt Romney appeared at the NAACP convention in July, he tried to hammer President Obama on high Black unemployment.  Interestingly, it seems people everywhere on the Right have adopted a line about Obama being bad for Black employment as a new talking point.

Really?  Now Republicans are concerned about the Black unemployment rate?  News flash: Nationally, it’s been 2-3 times worse than the unemployment rate for Whites since the end of chattel slavery; even worse in urban areas and with younger demographics.  The case has been made, early and often, that Reaganomics, austerity measures, and “trickle-down” policies absolutely obliterated the already wobbly economic security of the Black community.

Without investments in education, health care, and both public and private jobs things would worsen significantly under Romney (or any conservative).  Not only would they likely divest further in those areas, the Right has also historically been opposed to affirmative action, labor unions, social security, and other forms of support.  In short, if you’ve not already achieved the American Dream, you will be much less likely to under modern Republican leadership.

Criticism of President Obama’s, or any president’s record regarding Black Americans is both acceptable, and makes for a better democracy.  However, one must also consider the historic obstruction of Obama’s bills and budgets in the Congress with the more than 700,000 public sector jobs that have been scrapped due to Republican belt-tightening that, for some reason, only becomes their go-to move when Democrats take office.  Under the dictionary definition of hypocrisy should be Governor Romney or some other noted Republican criticizing President Obama for his Black unemployment record.  Admittedly, the record is terrible, but it’s been terrible, and taking action on it has for some reason been left out of the Republican election platform for quite some time now.

It would be insane for an African American person, a working-class White person, a woman, or heck, anybody who’s not a millionaire to support Governor Romney. If you do so, you will likely be voting against your economic and political interests.  To support Romney is to support making America more impoverished, because that’s what his plans and philosophy will do. You don’t think he’s going to get into office and teach us all how to hide our millions in offshore accounts do you? Of course not.  He’ll be great for millionaires, terrible for everyone else, like his recent Republican predecessors.

4 thoughts on “When Did Republicans Start Caring About the Black Unemployment Rate?

  1. “…and even after all my logic and my theory, I add a muthafucka, so you ignint [people] hear me.”

    Unfortunately, throngs of folk are going to continue to vote against their own best interest. Like a horny dude who simply looked at the pussy and decided it was clean enough, too many of us just aren’t doing our research.

  2. Obama’s spent record amounts of money on stimulus projects and unemployment for everyone has gone up, not down. Maybe that doesn’t feel good, it’s not P.C., it’s not hip, it’s not modern, it’s reactionary etc. but it is reality.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope you continue to read and follow us.

      While I’m not sure what you mean by “record amounts of money,” a great post on PolitiFact.com proves that Obama has actually had the lowest spending record of any president in the last 60 years (use those as key words to find the article).

      Part of that, admittedly, is due to the unwillingness of Congressional Republicans to pass his budgets and appropriations bills. Ironically, their unwillingness to support him has also led to the increased national debt, as they’ve refused to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and have continuously said no to his revenue raising and job creation efforts.

      Another article in The Guardian, a London-based paper, shows that unemployment has slightly declined under President Obama (search under “US Jobless Data: How Has Unemployment Changed Under Obama?”). They use several interactive graphs to show that unemployment reached a high of 10.1% in October 2009, and was down to 8.3% in Feb 2012.

      In fact, I’d guess that if you looked at any news/media outlet that wasn’t partisan (e.g., Fox News, News Max, The Weekly Standard, HuffPo), they’d likely repeat these figures.

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