Your Cell Phone Is Watching You!

I’ve got a smartphone that I love for its ability to essentially be a little computer in my hand that makes phone calls.  However, I downloaded an application called Voxer, which allows me to use my phone like a walkie-talkie.  It’s a neat little application that I was forced to delete.

Voxer, an application that I’d never used, searched my phone (and apparently the universe) for people I know and have ever known.  This application connected me with people whose phone numbers I’ve never saved in my phone.  Some of them, I only had an email for, but Voxer was connecting me with them.

I downloaded a new calendar application, and it populated the birthdays of people who’s information I don’t have saved in my phone.  Parenthetically, I won’t be deleted that application because it’s just so damned useful.

How the hell does my phone know that I once spoked to this person six years ago?  I didn’t even have the same phone or company!

We speak of invasion of privacy, but what a joke that is when we purchase phones and applications specifically designed to deny us privacy.  After all, the point of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like is to reveal every detail of action in which we involve ourselves.  We’re becoming those people who hold extremely loud conversations in public while wondering why others are staring and listening in.  “Big brother” is on our hips, in our purses, and in our pockets.

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