Colorado: Another Reason To Avoid Having Children?

So I’m watching the news about James Holmes who decided to shoot children and other moviegoers indiscriminately, and a guy in the neighboring theater was being interviewed about what he saw and heard.  When asked whether he was nervous that he wouldn’t be safe, he responded saying that because of Jesus, he knew that he’d be safe.


So, in his mind, Jesus didn’t care too much about those other people–the kids who just wanted to see a movie?  His smug ass, self-confident remark infuriated me!  Here’s a senseless massacre of life, and that’s his response?

It’s interesting, my partner on here, Earpiece, once was adamant about not bringing children into this world because it’s so ugly.  I argued that he is the type of man who should have children, and he does have two, but now more than ever, I really sympathize with his earlier notions. I’ve got two kids and a little boy on the way, and my heart is heavy for him and this world he has yet to see.

On the whole, events like this massacre in Colorado are outliers, and we’re safer now than we have been in years, but it’s hard to deny the horror that accompanies events like this.  My heart goes out to the families.

One thought on “Colorado: Another Reason To Avoid Having Children?

  1. I don’t think anyone is necessarily “safe.” God never promised anyone safety, including believers; that’s just wishful thinking on that guy’s part.

    God isn’t responsible for what people choose to do. I’m sure God is very sad about this tragedy and He wishes our world wasn’t deteriorating like it is.

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