Olympic Uniforms: Business As Usual

So the US olympic team had some uniforms made by Ralph Lauren, an American company.  Ralph Lauren had those uniforms made in China.

I honestly don’t see a problem with this.  I mean, nothing says “leader of the free world” like exporting some work to the rest of the world.  Nothing says “America the great” like  “made in China.”  

I did a quick survey of my place, and other than my movie collection and book collection,  I couldn’t find anything that was made in the United States.  Yay NAFTA!

I really don’t think that anyone should be upset or shocked or feel any kind of way about where the uniforms were made.  This is not newsworthy.  For a LONG time we’ve known that capitalism seeks cheap labor, and there are numerous volumes of work detailing the rise of industrialization, the movement of human capital overseas, and the rise of the service economy in the US.

So the uniforms weren’t made in here, nothing says “I represent the United States” like an olympic uniform made in China.

One thought on “Olympic Uniforms: Business As Usual

  1. Just one week left and the mess begins. Maybe the army will shoot a few people and then claim they were considering looting, Minority Report style.

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