David Banner On Trayvon Martin

I’ve been avoiding saying something about the Trayvon Martin slaying, in part, because I’ve been so damned angry about it.  I didn’t think I could write anything intelligent with so much negative passion in my heart.  Also, I kept envisioning a post entitled, “Trayvon Martin: I Fucking Told You So!”  Then in the body of the blog there would be this: (see the title).

I might still weigh in on this, but for now, I think hip hop artists David Banner actually said what needs to be said better than I can say it.  So, take four and half minutes out of your day to listen to him speak.

By the way, to Geraldo Rivera, I’ve decided to pray for your downfall in the ways of David in the old testament.  I pray that god turns you into a pillar of salt.

3 thoughts on “David Banner On Trayvon Martin

  1. Sad but true. Even in 2012, folks are afraid of black people. For no other reason than the color of our skin.

    • If I could pin an emotion to how I feel/felt about the entire situation and how it played out, I would say disgust… disgust and encouragement.

      It disgust me, as David Banner so elequently put it, that we get so caught up in the distraction(s) vs. looking at the real issues…

      It is not new or even surprising that there is still racism in a country where the majority (caucasions) feel a growing pressure about their stronghold on their place/status in it steadily being challenge by: a black president, the surge of educated minorities, the abundance of minorities holding positions (both in the private and government sector), the fact that English is not even the primary language spoken in many parts of this country.

      It’s not new or a surprise that ignorance and manipulation has kept those that need to know, unaware of all of the laws around the country that date back to pre-civil rights days, allowing those with the power and means to keep those without “in their place” – even by force or death… and still be protected.

      What disgusted me is that, for my white friends; an innocent child was gunned down becasue someone was uncomfortable with their presence and/or didn’t like them… How about adding this to your bullying prevention campeigns!… and for my colored people; an innocent child was killed becasue, as a whole, we have not been willing, have been too scared to speak up, and have been too lazy to read into all of the laws in this country – designed to keep us down and keep those in power/with money, in power and with the money.

      These laws have been in place for decades, but once we got desegregated, got a few of our people with a few good jobs, and got a few of our people allowed into their universities, we felt like we won and things would be different… “We’s REALLY free now Boss!”

      It also disgust me with the level of ignorance that resides within these borders! How is is possible that an “icon” can say, essentially, “Don’t wear hoodies and you won’t get shot.” Do you think the American people are that stupid?… Well, are we? How is it possible that we have elected officials saying things like; “Well, look over there. You people kill yourself way more often than we kill you… How about you focus on that?” Is white america that gullible? A CNN report showed that since January (this year), there have been over 20 marches and protest in various cities looking to put an end to black-on-black crime and violence in our neighborhoods.

      Finally, I am disgusted by the audacity of hope (As President Obama titles his book – LOL) that a few facebook profiles showing people wearing hoodies and eating Skittles would actually bring about some sort of change… All that did was have them say; “Okay niggas! Shut up! We’ll arrest him… now go back to watching 106 and Park!”… Sadly, I would bet that the majority of those wearing hoodies on Facebook and Twitter will do nothing else to get the laws changed in this country or find a way to go out of their way to have the mind set of the next Zimmerman changed forever becasue he met them.

      Now, the encouragement and promise that comes with this is the opportunity ahead. I see where I have not done enough to show my fellow Americans that black people are not what you see in music videos and in movies. I am a person just like you. There is no reason to be afraid – regardless of whether I am wearing a suit to work or a hoodie to the grocery store. I see where I get to educate others on all of the racist/irresponsible laws that still exist (Shit, stand your ground is a law in something like 26 or 27 states – not just in the south). I see wher eI get to encourage those around me to get involved and to be committed to something bigger than themselves – to make a difference!

      Man, I have typed enough. I hope you catch my drift!

  2. Dayum. This might make me buy a David Banner CD. I’ve always heard bits and pieces from him, showing that he had more to say and was working with more upstairs than most, but as I said, it was bits and pieces. Maybe I have to buy an album to hear the rest.

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