Tim Tebow and the Joys of White Privilege

I’d like to proffer a little perspective on the run of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

The NFL has a long history of redirecting would-be Black quarterbacks to other positions because these Black athletes were considered to be too athletic (whatever that means) or not intelligent enough to make the decisions that quarterbacks make.  (Ask Tony Dungy and Kordell Stewart).




The three gentlemen above are Steve McNair, Randall Cunningham, and Michael Vick.  All of these quarterbacks, and we could say the same of Vince Young and Cam Newton, were and have been a threat to run and a threat to throw.  Their games were and continue to be highly scrutinized, as fans and NFL pundits search for proof that these running Black quarterbacks are simply not NFL quarterback material.  When their teams lose, they shoulder the brunt of the responsibility–irrespective of their offensive output or quarterback rating.  People say, “He just didn’t get it done.”

On the other hand, for three and a half quarters of every game in which he’s started, Tim Tebow has been…shitty…as a quarterback based upon any criteria we typically use to determine the effectiveness of a quarterback.  I submit to you that if any Black quarterback were to stink up the place as consistently as Tim Tebow has, irrespective of the team winning, people would be clamoring for a replacement.

Also, where Black running quarterbacks have been moved away from their natural talents and forced into being pocket-passers (not necessarily a bad thing),  the Broncos has restructured itself around Tebow’s strengths (running) and away from his weakness (throwing!).  Then we hear that Tebow is changing the landscape of football–that he just wins–that he’s a new breed of quarterback.

Let me ask you this: Is Tim Tebow a better runner or thrower than Michael Vick, Vince Young, or Cam Newton?

A common thread of understanding amongst Black people is that we must work twice as hard for the same recognition that is readily given to White people.  You might not like how that reads, but it’s just reality for Black people.

Tim Tebow, what is the definition of White privilege?

8 thoughts on “Tim Tebow and the Joys of White Privilege

    • I considered going that route with this post instead of pointing out the racial issue. When god thinks of football, he’s thinking of American soccer. Maybe Tebow would be better at that.

    • awww what’s a matter ya black trash bitch, living in your mom’s basement and hatin on tebow becasue a cracker actually made something of himself and dares to believe in God and Jesus?

  1. “A common thread of understanding amongst Black people is that we must work twice as hard for the same recognition that is readily given to White people. You might not like how that reads, but it’s just reality for Black people.”

    Ah yes, poor poor black people, everythings so damn hard for you…cry me a fuckin river you weak ass bitch. Black people are afforded so many more opportunites in this country simply because of the color of your skin through quotas and your racist ass NAACP, ACLU, Black Caucus, jesse jackson and al sharpton types so dont gimme the feel sorry for you bullshit. And look at your jealousy for tim tebow doing good, instead of applauding him for how hard he’s worked to get where he’s at and all that he’s overcome, you talk shit you dumb racist bitch! You wish bad upon tim tebow simply because he’s white, YOU ARE THE RACIST.

  2. Soundjata – I think you’ve fallen into a trap of specious reasoning. You’ve managed to take a racial position on something that has utterly Nothing to do with race and make it completely about race. Plain and simple, Tebow became the media sensation and starting qb he is NOT BECAUSE HE,s WHITE but because he,s a serious and unabashed born again Christian. THIS is the overwhelming reason why, despite nearly unparalleled college success (better than any black qb in college history), IT WAS HIS RELIGION that made him a star, just as Jeremy Lin,s asain heritage will rocket him beyond his eventual performance. You r 100 percent correct that he was awful,etc., but as a business decision, taking Tebow out after his starting coincided with denver’s turnaround would have been insane from a financial perspective. Knowing they HAD to keep him in, and what limitations his lack of throwing skill put on Denver gave them little choice but to try to adapt tonhim rather than the other way around. Factually speaking Tebow is hardly the first white running qb as there have been many. However, guys like Roger staubach had to learn to calm down on the running and throw more from the pocket. – same thing some black QBs have faced. In fact the black qb has been given more opportunities to try to succeed outside the pocket. The future will show that a qb who can throw from the pocket and has the athleticism to run or extend lays will be the ideal qb of the future – think elway. I’m sure black QBs will be a big part of that future.

    • Hmmm…so you believe that Tebow became the starting quarterback because of his religion or because god showed him favor? (J/K)

      I’m not sure how Jeremy Lin’s race is comparable with Tebow’s religion–especially since one of those statuses is voluntary. With Jeremy Lin, we have to remember that his race has worked against him. He’s been denied the benefit of the doubt because he’s a member of a racial group that is not historically known for producing NBA-level talent. In Tebow’s case, he can claim to be a recipient of a multitude of benefits that aided in him getting the shot that he did.

      My only argument regarding Tebow is that race certainly is a factor in his success. That said, I think you’re very right in focusing on his religion. He is the type of person that a lot of Americans (White Americans in particular) want to get behind. He doesn’t have a ton of tattoos. He’s not chasing women–or men. He says the “right” things during interviews. He wears his religion (the “right” religion) on his sleeve. He’s a physically intimidating White male who plays football while being boyishly charismatic without being immature. He is an impossible archetype of what a “man” should be in the minds of many. Plenty of men have said that they would love for their daughters to date a man like him. The thing is, none of these things have anything to do with the fact that he was a terrible quarterback.

      On the other hand, try to imagine a Black quarterback with Tebow’s skill set, can you imagine him getting the same praise as Tebow?

  3. White people=bad, don’t deserve scholarships, or any financial aid in college, every single white person in the world is an evangelical protestant who will threaten you unless u convert, they all are rich and vote for there own pocketbooks, just as racist as anyone else

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