Ask A Black Man: Slutty Halloween Outfits

Why do you think women of all ages take Halloween as an opportunity to be slutty?

I received this question while teaching, so I posed it to my class.  The overwhelming answer (primarily supported by the women in my class) was that women actually want to dress slutty and that the social controls that typically constrain women from dressing as slutty as they want are softened or removed; hence, they seek to “express themselves” in slutty fashion (double meaning) as one woman justified.

Well, there it is there.

4 thoughts on “Ask A Black Man: Slutty Halloween Outfits

  1. Tell me, was it the unattractive girls in your class that had a problem with women dressing “sexy” on Halloween?

    I’m just wondering.

  2. The great thing about Halloween is that you be whoever and whatever you want to be that day. If you want to be a funny, scary, happy, sad, slutty or offensive character you can. There are limits, of course, but very few. That’s part of the fun. I don’t think people should read so much into it. Trick-o-treat!!!

  3. Such an ironic response, considering how Western society objectifies women and pressures them to be attractive.

    Women don’t want to be disrespected; hoes don’t want to have their titties in. It’s a tough call.

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