Republicans: Silly Wabbits

One of the things most wrong with the republican party is that members pledge to not raise taxes regardless of the health of the economy.  This leads republicans to suggest ridiculous measures that have been proven time and again to not work (think Reaganomics and “trickle down theory”).

It is impossible to argue that a party is “for the people” when it ties it’s virtual hands from measures that could provide a needed boost.  I know that the idea of not raising taxes sounds good, but the reality is that we’re simply not going to get out of this recession without raising taxes.  When you bind yourself from being able to consider the wisdom of such a measure, you set yourself up for failure, and you force yourself to consider ridiculous ideas that you know won’t work.

A party for the people should be comprised of members who understand that only a fool decides what the answer isn’t before fully negotiating the problem.  Stop that foolishness!

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