Joe Carroll: Modern Day Rosa Parks?

Ex-NBA player (not that it matters), Joe Carroll has sued a bar in Atlanta.  He and a friend were unceremoniously removed from the tavern when they refused to give up their seats to (cue dramatic music) a couple of White chicks.

Apparently, the bar has a long-standing history of asking men (forcing them really) to give up their seats at the bar when women want to sit down there.  Usually, the men are offered a new table, an appetizer, or a couple of free drinks to make the move.  Ostensibly, the goal is to provide a safe place for women to relax after a day of shopping (the tavern is attached to a mall in Buckhead).  That sounds nice, I suppose.  

However altruistic the chivalrous tradition is, according to interviews of current and ex-employees, the head of the tavern, Greg Greenbaum, feared that “black thugs” would overtake the restaurant, and so he purposely hired few Black people, and he instructed his staff to “slow serve” Black patrons.  That lends credence to Carroll’s lawsuit in which he claims that his civil rights were violated.

Basically, two Black guys, apparently the only two guys at the bar, refused to give their seats up to some White women.  After they were repeatedly asked to give their seats up, they were kicked out.  Consider Greenbaum’s reputation for not wanting Black patrons or Black employees, and the potentially highly contentious proposition of asking two Black men to give up their seats for two White women because it’s the chivalrous thing to do, it’s understandable why Carroll is suing.

Also, and let’s be honest here, what legal argument can be made for kicking out two Black men who don’t want to give their seats to two White women?

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