Republicans and Reparative Therapy

Socially, I disagree with homosexuality.  I feel that way about many different lifestyles.  Legally, I support the rights of gay people to have the same miserable divorce rate as straight people.  Biologically, I have yet to come across evidence that proves or disproves whether someone can be born gay.  More importantly, I don’t see the wisdom in seeking to determine whether being gay is a social choice versus a biological fact.

Therefore, I’m having a difficult time understanding how there is a such thing as “reparative therapy.”  Reparative therapy is sort of Christian-based (one more reason why I’m not a Christian) pseudo-scientific therapy in which the goal is to convert a homosexual person into a heterosexual person.  This is precisely the service that Bachmann & Associates, Incorporated provides.

Bachmann & Associates, Incorporated is, as you might suspect, a sort of counseling business run by Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus Bachmann.  Interestingly, Marcus Bachmann, Ph.D earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Union Institute and University, which is an institution that provides a degree in clinical psychology that IS NOT accredited by the American Psychological Association.  That makes sense because why let a little thing like rigorously established and agreed upon scientific protocols and accreditation stop you from calling yourself Dr. Marcus Bachmann and practicing (and I do mean “practice”) as a psychologist?  I’ve actually become an ordained minister through this site several times.  Please refer to me as The Right Reverend Minister Sundjata of Greater Blog Cathedral.  I see no reason why I should earn an accredited degree in theology, when I can become ordained online for free with just a few clicks.  Who wants to get married?!

Even if it was possible to “cure” gays of their sexuality–an outrageously ridiculous notion–Marcus Bachmann isn’t qualified.  Fuckin’ republicans have lost their rabid minds.  If you all vote that woman, Michele Bachmann, into the presidency, I’m holding a ceremony for the death of liberty, common sense, righteousness, and democracy.  Then I’m moving to Ghana like Du Bois.

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