Storyboard P: Black Vernacular, Power, & Control

One of the most interesting aspects of this style of dance is its raw and dynamic nature.  This is very common to many Black vernaculars, and there is a long and contentious history of White (speaking truth to power) culture raiders seeking to control and commercialize Black vernaculars without providing any compensation or acknowledgement for those who birthed the various communication in this first place.  This is precisely what happened to jazz, which used to be called “ass music” because it made you move your ass.  Now, we’ve got the watered down Kenny G style of jazz that 94.7 THE WAVE plays.  A good book on this was written by Jacqui Malone (1996) called Steppin’ on the Blues.  I recommend it to all who might be interested.

Listen to a student of a new Black vernacular, Storyboard P, discuss his craft and the politics thereof.  I hope the designers of this vernacular gain their recognition.  They are literally amazing.


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