Bin Laden’s Dead: Things To Look For Next

Under the direction of President Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden has been tracked down and killed in Pakistan.  In order to keep bin Laden’s adherents from having a place to memorialize him, bin Laden’s body has been “buried” at sea.  This is outstanding news, and it’s difficult to not feel good knowing that bin Laden is dead.  Symbolically, his death represents a great victory, but here is what we all need to expect:

  1. We should absolutely expect retaliation.
  2. Watch for the hook!  It’s already begun.  You’ll hear people attribute credit for bin Laden’s death to George Bush who, during his tenure, failed at every attempt to capture bin Laden in the “caves.”  You’ll begin to notice that president Obama, who during his tenure, negotiated with Pakistan to apprehend bin Laden–an accomplishment set in motion during the beginning of his presidency and executed with extreme efficiency two years later–will get less and less credit as the commander-in-chief.  The military and/or George Bush did it without Obama’s direction (of course).
  3. When the retaliation comes, you’ll begin to hear of how it is all Obama’s fault–that he shouldn’t have killed bin Laden.  Obama’s presidency will be deemed a failed one because terrorists retaliated in a war.
  4. Watch for Christian apologists to suggest that killing bin Laden was the wrong and immoral and un-Christian thing to do.  Please remind these people of the MULTITUDE of killings that occurred at the hands of their god.  Please remind these people that David prayed to their god many times in order to have his enemies killed.
  5. Watch for the “so what” crowd.  These people won’t recognize the significance of this victory, and they will be quick to say, “So what!?”  Remind these people of the thousands who have been affected by 9/11.

I give these five political acrobatics a week before they start to fully flip on us.  As for me, my thoughts are:

Congratulations to President Barack Obama, the U.S. military, and our intelligence agencies for this recent accomplishment!

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