Penis Myths

Ladies, how do you know whether the man you’re interested in has equipment necessary to get the job done?  That is, how do you know he’s got the penis size you prefer for maximum satisfaction?

Few things shock me, but women have some interesting (and wholly unscientific) ways of determining a man’s equipment potential.  Below are some of the methods that some women use to make that determination.

  1. Deep Pee.  A woman once asked me to allow her to hear me pee.  Obviously confused, I asked her why, and she told me that she could tell what I had by the sound of the pee hitting the water!  Two immediate reactions: (1) I can’t believe she really told me that, and (2) how stupid is this chick?  There is no connection between penis size and the forcefulness with which a man pees.  There is, however, a connection between pee sounds and how long a man has been holding it.
  2. How tall are you again?  If he’s tall, he’s probably “blessed.”  One would assume that height corresponds to penis size, but one would be wrong.  There is no direction connection between the two.  Just ask the many women who have slept with a man who is 6’0″ tall and up.  Sometimes you unwrap a huge package, and the gift inside could’ve been in a much smaller package.
  3. Once you go Black…Is it true what they say about Black men?  Well, it’s true what they say about some Black men, but certainly not all Black men.  Nevertheless, there are a lot of women who still believe that Black men just have bigger penises.  I know of no scientific study of penis size by race, and I certainly won’t be the one to conduct such a study.  I suspect that even if it could be proven that Black men tend to have smaller penises than of men of other racial groups, the stereotype wouldn’t change.
  4. Big hands/wrists.  There are a slew of would-be connections between hand or wrist size and penis size: (1) if his fingers are long, then it’s big, (2) if his hands are big with short fingers, then it’s big, (3) if his wrists are thick, then it’s big, (4) if his fingers are thick, then it’s big, and (5) if the distance from the tip of his thumb to the edge of his palm is long, it’s big.  Wowsers!  Is any of this true?  Not scientifically speaking.
  5. Baritone.  Now, there is a connection between the tone of a man’s voice and the amount of testosterone in his body, but even that connection is not direct. The connection between penis size and tone of voice is completely spurious.
  6. Chubby guys do it better.  I’ve received equivalent reports on this matter.  Do short chubby guys tend to have big penises?  Other than Ron Jeremy, I’ve only heard that they don’t.  In fact, I’d like very much to reveal a story as told to me by a friend, but she probably won’t allow me.  Let’s just say that this particular chubby fellow had been despised by the penis gods since birth.
  7. In thirteens!  Probably the most pervasive dick myth is that the size of a man’s feet correlates to his penis size.  Your foot is as big as the distance from your wrist to your elbow, but that’s the only correlation, ladies.  But, y’all know that.
  8. Where?  I wanna see.  When all else fails, you can always just look.  One caveat is that the man needs to be erect because some of us are “showers,” and others are “growers.”  In case you’ve never heard these terms, a “shower” is a man whose penis is (while flaccid) the basic size it will be when it’s erect.  A “grower” is a man with a penis that (from a flaccid state) is likely to multiply in size several times before reaching a full erection.  Just looking may be a clue, but the only way to really know is to experience it.

What’s most interesting to me about these penis myths is that they are not perpetuated by men the way so many other penis myths are.  These are spread by women, and presumably, women would know.  LOL  I guess not.

22 thoughts on “Penis Myths

  1. I believe jackinworld did a casual survey which revealed a race-size correlation (on average of course) that fit the stereotype; obviously these were self-reported, so a pinch of salt. There’s certainly been several studies establishing size distribution, I don’t know offhand if any looked at race.

  2. Actually, there is an average difference between blacks and whites of possibly 1-2 cm. The difference of white man having an average IQ of 100 and blacks 85 is probably far more telling of an impact on society and importance.

  3. With number one I think the chick’s reasoning is as follows: louder pee sound means pee is falling from a higher distance meaning shorter penis.

  4. go watch a movie with him and put the popcorn on his opposite leg from you so when you reach you can touch where it should be and fell around and act like you are gabbing popcorn

  5. From my personal experience height is not indication of size. And neither is race.
    I know it’s a small pool, but just giving details so you can see great variation:

    Asian/Jamaican, 5′ 11″: thick, good length
    Puerto Rican/African American, 6′ 2″ : not thick, below avg or maybe just at it
    Dominican, 5′ 11″: very good thickness and length
    Caucasian 6′ 3″ : avg girth, okay length

    My conclusion/new hypothesis: It does not have to do with foot size, hand size, or finger length. I know it may be weird but I have a working hypothesis that toe length might be a good indication- at least in my case if I would’ve used that as a gage of size it would’ve been correct. So I hope somebody does a study on this.

  6. Well unlike others honestly, the distance from the tip of my thumb to the edge of my palm is really close to the size of my erect penis, which frankly ain’t all that, and i’m a black guy/bisexual who can personally debunk beyond the shadow of a doubt, the ” black Dick myth”

  7. I am utterly dumb-founded that the lack of knowledge about the human anatomy is so vast.
    Have you guys ever wondered why you penis shrinks in the cold? Or why it hangs more when you work out or take part in any physical activity?

    If you have no asked yourself that then ponder the question for a while. Attempting to make connections between your penis size and the size of bones is stupid. YOUR PENIS is not a bone. It is a muscle. Now many body builders will note that after working out, their muscles will appear to be bigger then what they really are. This is due to an increase in BLOOD flow. The same goes for a penis. The size of a mans penis is determined by the amount of blood that is allowed to flow through it. Have you ever wondered how extenze works? This particular form of male enhancment opens the blood vessels in the penis, so that more blood flow is allowed, bigger penis.

    I am 6’5, I wear a size 15 shoe. My hands are huge. This being said, I must have a 12 inch dong, right? No, I am measuring in at a comfortable 7- 7 1/2. Depending on the climate this may increase or decrease. Cold weather restricts blood flow. Hot weather increases it.

    So all of the naive talk about being able to predict someones penis size based off of other bodily features is just nonsense.

    So remember, if a man has big feet or big hands, it only means that he wears big shoes and big gloves, not a big penis.

    P.S. I have a friend who is around 5’4 and I have seen his penis.( when he gets drunk he likes to pull it out :P) he is quite blessed. I would estimate around 8-9 inches, maybe bigger.

  8. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or
    did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks

  9. There was a study performed in the 60s in Africa (by a white scientist ). It showed the black men are on average larger than his white counterparts. This still holds true today. Now that’s not to say all, it’s on avg.

  10. Nope its fake, its scientifically proven that all men regardless of race are 5.1 – 5.9 inches, and that the majority of black men in the United States are 5 – 5 1/2 inches, and East Asians are the same size as everybody else too, here are two maps, the only two African countries that were measured were Nigeria and Tanzania, and Nigeria only came out to 13.37 cm, the rest were self reported and manipulated by Richard Lynn to fuel his racist agenda, but every other size seems about right, because Lynn said Venezuela was 17 cm, but they only came out to be 14.5 cm and the Indian one on the Lynn study was done in South India it was the flaccid stretched length, not the erect length, so South Indians were about 13.01 cm which is 5.12 inches, which is average, here are the maps

    and look at the black majority states like most of the Eastern and Southeast coast, a lot of them are in the red zone

  11. I agree with you on this topic. I am an Asian so I understand about the small penis size compared to black guys. However, the penis size is not everything you need to satisfy your lady. The mindset is the most important. If you have a 10-inche penis but it does not get up on demand, then it is not worth it. Most Asian men have short penis about 5’5 to 8 inches in erection. The most important part is the rock hard erection on demand.

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