WTF Wednesday: Public Hair

Perhaps because I allow my own stock to take its natural course without losing more than a single follicle (except while showering), explaining the large amounts of pubic hairs in public restrooms is quite the boggle for me.  Why I continue to find tufts of pubic hair in public restrooms is a mystery, but I imagine groups of gentlemen not unlike the one in the picture to the left, scratching and purposefully depositing their DNA in public restrooms.
Why would this be purposeful?  The amount found in various restrooms suggests that the “Pubic Hair Bandit(s) (as I will now call him or them) has/have hatched a nefarious plot to claim public restroom space by turning the stomachs of would-be users such as you and I.
I, for one, am inclined to hold it…and to let them win!

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