The Greatest Piece of Ass of All Time!

In deciding whether to fight with Agamemnon in the battle of Troy, Achilles consulted his mother for guidance.  She told him that if he stayed where he was he would marry a beautiful woman who loved him.  He would have children and grandchildren who loved and respected him.  But, eventually, his children and children’s children would die, and his name would eventually be forgotten.  On the other hand, if he decided to fight in the war, he would receive immortality in song, poem, and the emotional memories of humanity forever. 

Achilles decided to fight. 

After taking the beach of Troy with a small group of men who were loyal to him, he captured a woman of Troy.  She was taken from him by Agamemnon, and in anger, Achilles refused to fight in an effort to have Agamemnon beg for his sword in battle.

Eventually, with some coaxing from another Greek king, Achilles did decide to fight.  After all, he’d come for immortality.  He’d given up the hope of love from a beautiful wife and respectiful children for immortality.


After one night of sex with that slave chick (Perseus), he decided to give up the glory of immortality and sail back home!!  Not only that, but during the morning, when his cousin and EVERYONE else was fighting, he was too busy being in the warmth of that slave chick to even notice a battle going on around him!

Now I ask you: is that not the most dangerous vagina of all time?

One thought on “The Greatest Piece of Ass of All Time!

  1. I dunno…..I DO remember the scene……and really, I think ANY twatage would dull ANY sword!! I mean, that’s why you don’t have sex before a boxing match. You can’t do battle AFTER getting a nut!! Did you see that South Park episode where Stan’s dad wanted to become the next Iron Chef, and then his wife gave him a handjob, and the VERY next day he was like “*yawn* Cooking’s STUPID, I’m just gonna get some rest!!” smh! And do you ever notice that when somebody has all the energy in the world, and everyone says “THAT GUY needs to get laid!!” Sex is the ULTIMATE gratification. You can’t be an overly ambitious person AND aggressively chase @$$!! You can’t be both man and beast!!

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