WTF Wednesday: Jesus Sent Me A Text

Every now and then I receive a chain text message that’s been forwarded thirty times.  I almost never forward them or reply.  I don’t need to prove that I love you or that I’m your friend by sending you the same stupid text that you sent me.  Thank goodness I have unlimited talk and text, or I’d really be upset about these messages.  The most recent of these messages was this:

Sorry to bother you, but it is very urgent.  I have a friend who came from far away and need a place to stay.  Wel i suggested your place.  I ask you to receive him and love HIM.  HIS name is Jesus Christ.  Now say quietly: You can enter LORD, I need you, cleanse my heart with your blood and bless me and my family.  Now send to your contacts and you will receive a miracle tomorrow.  If you believe in God send this message to 20 people, if they refuse remember that JESUS said, “if you deny me among men, i will deny you before my father.” In 4 minutes i will give u a good newsGod bless and protect you always

(Note:  I retyped the text exactly how I received it.)

There are so many things wrong with this text message that I’m not sure where to begin.  If this was inspired by Jesus, apparently, Jesus is less concerned with grammar and syntax, which, if this was his way of reaching my heart, he would certainly know that I would immediately be turned off by the poor grammar, which would defeat the purpose of me even receiving this.  This reminds me that I once saw a guy walking from corner to corner on Hollywood Blvd and La Brea Ave with headphones, skates, his gut out, and a sign that urged us all to give ourselves to his god.  The thing is, his god is sending the wrong messenger, so I couldn’t even receive his message. 

The truth is, these displays of spirituality (used lightly) are self-serving.  And, if I’m wrong and someone’s god is convinced that souls will be won this way, I choose to not follow a god that is so misguided.

Let’s also point out that if you were in Haiti and you witnessed a ritual during which the people talked of washing someone’s sins away in blood and inviting a spirit into someone’s heart, many would turn their nose up at such “witchcraft.”  However, if you say “Jesus” then it’s all good. 

And what kind of game are really trying to run on such a simple-minded god?  I send a text message and god grants me a miracle?  The very next step is a Jesus video game in which the high score wins you a miracle.  Good luck!

Lastly, I’m sure that I read in the Bible that there are to be no images of Jesus, heaven, or the heavenly hosts, yet, no one seems to take that very seriously.  Oh well. 

This is just stupid.


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