The New Karate Kid: Sucks to Be Ralph Macchio

I took my kids to The Karate Kid, which I thought was going to be sort of a Karate Kid part four or six (or whichever sequel would be next); however, this Karate Kid starring (and I mean starring) Jaden Smith is basically a better version of the first movie.  There was better acting and it was clear that the actors (with the exception of Jaden) could actually whoop some ass if they needed to.  No offense to the cast of any of the previous Karate Kid movies, but I don’t fear any of them. 

Jaden Smih delivered an outstanding performance.  He was emotionally relevant, and he controlled his facial expressionis and hand gestures, looking very natural.  Part of what helped him so much was that Jackie Chan delivered (what I would call) his best performance.  More over, Jaden is the spitting image of his father, Will Smith.  Jaden’s timing and gestures mirror his father’s so well that it’s almost not fair.  He was a little Will, who we can all agree has developed into a stellar actor. 

I wasn’t expecting to, but I quickly became emotionally engaged in the film.  It was just a really good movie.  I’d pay to see it again.  That this movie was so great doesn’t take away from Ralph Macchio’s original version, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that Jaden is dope in every way that Ralph isn’t.  It’s clear that Jaden is gonna have bitches (Yeah I said it)!  He’s got swag and Ralph, well…doesn’t.  He’s younger and cuter (Yeah I said he’s cute) than Ralph was in his movie.  He out acted Ralph by leaps and bounds. 

I left the movie with a great feeling about what I saw and a sad feeling for Ralph who’s name is “Ralph,” and well, that says a lot in and of itself.  lol


Jaden’s Cobra style shits on Ralph’s crane crap all day, everyday!

5 thoughts on “The New Karate Kid: Sucks to Be Ralph Macchio

  1. The move was nothing more than a 2 hour promotional film for Chinese tourism. Maybe I blinked, but I don’t think it was ever clearly explained why the mother HAD to go to China, let alone what she was doing while she was there other than dress like a hooker. The movie is so full of black stereotyping to make me laugh…. and it’s the KARATE KID! Not the KUNG-FU Kid. This is a sad remake indeed. Probably the saddest remake of an 80s film ever. Even worse than Clash of the Titans.

  2. i thouroughly enjoyed the movie. But as a karate teacher my self, and the whole film being kungfu (which i love jackie chan etc..) did seem very strange to be called “karate kid”

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