The Pleasure Principle

When I first heard about genital mutilation, it was my freshmen year of college during my women’s studies class.  As I studied the practice, I was beyond outraged. I couldn’t understand how the world could allow such a barbaric and inhumane practice to continue. Aside from that, I wondered how the practice even got started. It hit me; genital mutilation is the ultimate means for men to control women.
Think about it. In medieval times, men controlled women through Chastity belts. Whomever had the key had the only access to take a dip in the fountain of youth. But genital mutilation makes Chastity belts look like edible underwear.
Genital mutilation is a process where the clitoris is partially covered or completely removed. The practice occurs in various African and Asian countries as a religious practice, an attempt to preserve virginity, and/or maintain cultural identification. To cut to the chase, this practice drastically reduces a woman’s pleasure during sex.
Now I’ve had sex for many purposes: passion, bargaining and occasionally so I can get the comatose-esque sleep that follows. Regardless of the purpose, I have always enjoyed having it, so it is damn near impossible for me to imagine being numb to the pleasure. The only thing I can compare genital mutilation to is anal sex.
Although I haven’t and won’t try anal sex, every woman who I know who has says it is extremely painful. When asked why they did it, the overwhelming response is to please their man. The man can enjoy a tighter experience while the woman literally prays for it to be over.
But unlike anal sex, the women that undergo genital mutilation don’t have a choice. They can’t wait a week or two for their new outtie belly button to become an innie so they can pretend it never happened, it’s permanent.  People need to speak out and spread awareness about this painful, traumatic practice.    We don’t need to add this to the list of worries that the voiceless and powerless need to solve themselves.

3 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle

  1. Um… Women aren’t the only humans who had genital mutilation. In China it was considered an honor to have your son taken castrated and serve for the Emperor in his “Harem,” mind everyone who might stumble upon this Harems are not sex houses they house the Emperors and their families.

    All in all I am not saying this is right, but it is considered and honor in some countries to have it cut off or mutilated. I personally haven’t used my penis in the way most other people have yet, yeah I am pure fight me, but I am sure I would be pissed off if I lost it at birth just to serve as some old fat man’s slave.

  2. While the conclusion is pretty good, the facts leading to it are inaccurate.

    Firstly, mediaeval ‘chastity belts’ were complicated underwear, not the locked steel devices victorian obsessives (and modern fetishists) devised. They were symbolic things, only slightly more practical than purity rings.

    Secondly, some women love anal sex, some women hate it. A lot of couples go too fast or too unprepared. I could count off on my fingers just women I personally know who’ve had and enjoyed anal sex. So, yeah. Comparing genital mutilation to anal sex ain’t classy.

    Aaand finally I think Jeff has hit it on the head – genital mutiliation is a power thing, but it’s not historically been aimed specifically at women. That said, on the other hand there’s more examples of cultures practicing really destructive genital mutilation on all women than on all men.

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