Nicki Minaj: Very Tasty

Got Dayum!

So Nicki Minaj is the latest female rapper to reach a national level of recognition.  Let me just say that woman is muthajumpin sexy!  And, like most female rappers, she sells her sex.  In fact, she purchased a new ass and some new titties–the quintescential pathways to gaining attention for women.  I find that disappointing, and I will instruct my daughter that she need not follow such ludicrous methods to improving her self-image. 

Still, Nicki is far from the wackest rapper we have out, and she’s definitely not the wackest of the female rappers out, so why have so many female rappers rose up to complain about Nicki’s success?  In my mind, they are the very definition of haters.  They literally don’t like her because she’s successful where they aren’t.  On several hip hop websites, a multitude of female would-be rappers have put out videos dissing Nicki, and they     just     sound     stupid.  We’ve never heard of you, and OBVIOUSLY what you’re putting out is unwanted, so why tear down one woman who has gained success?  It seems that it would be smarter to try to build a bridge with her.  She’s at where many of them want to be.  She signed with a currently hot team, and as far as I know, she rights her own lyrics, but more importantly, she’s got HER OWN STYLE, which is principle #1 in hip hop!  It’s her delivery that we like so much–that and well other assets.  Anyhow, get off her damn bra strap, and stop hoping that she says something back to you so that you can have a name.  Work hard at your artform, and when it doesn’t work out, accept that this isn’t for you.


4 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj: Very Tasty

  1. Crazy disappointed in the fact that she had a butt job. (really?! smh) She is continuing the cycle of “regular females” feeling inadequate because they don’t naturally look that way. I like her music though. I’ll still support, but she should address self-image.

  2. Thank you! I was wondering if the ass was real! There I was, feeling a little bad about myself when I saw her in that “massive attack” video. Lol. Anyway, she is talented and it’s sad to see her go the way of lil Kim, using her artificially-made body to sell her talent. What happened to the queen latifah-like rappers who used nothing (and I mean nothing) but their lyrics to excel in the game and were saying something positive and oftentimes uplifting? Sigh.

  3. I’d say the problem some people have with her is the same one some people have with Tyler Perry…which is, sure you MAY just be doing YOU…BUT you are clearly not too concerned about what it says about US.

    Personally I think the problem with that whole thing is it is an attempt to give mass media the power or responsibility to represent…clearly there’s not a lot of money in that so what’s their motivation? If parents would simply accept the fact that its on THEM to make sure their impressionable kid is introduced to things/people they WANT them to model themselves after…then this wouldn’t be a humongous issue because that would result in a lot more little girls growing up to be rappers like Jean Grae or Tiye Phoenix that would get the mass media exposure and dollars, because there would be more kids interested in their product….it doesn’t work in the reverse way, first get role model rappers to help raise less sex selling kids…that’s just backwards…

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