Diary of a Savage Woman – Entry 2

Lately, I’ve been trying to understand certain aspects of the male mind, so I’ve decided to just ask directly what I’ve been pondering over.

Men: Who should provide the condoms? Are you turned off if a woman has some in her purse, night stand, glove compartment? Do you consider her to be promiscuous if she’s that prepared? If no condoms are available why not run to the store real quick? Why don’t you have condoms if you were planning a sexcapade? And why do you ask if we’re on the pill, as if that’s a replacement for condoms? Do men really try to trap women? And if so, under what conditions?

Please help out womankind and answer these questions.

9 thoughts on “Diary of a Savage Woman – Entry 2

  1. I typically think that guys should have the condom b/c we have the dicks. I instantly think that a women is trying to trap me. The condom might have a hole in it or anything. I’m just always prepared. I wouldn’t think she’s just promiscuous, I just don’t trust females to be that prepared. The whole birth control thing for me is a way of extra precaution. If you’re on bc AND we’re using a condom I better not get a phone call talking about you’re late for shit. I don’t even want to know if your late for class. Real Talk! As far as Traping women? I don’t know the meaning of it and never will!!

    • No, you shouldn’t trust the woman to be prepared because you should be and vice versa. Now if she’s 25 with 6 kids and whips out a condom…okay, be suspicious but if she’s hot, 32, no kids and whips out a condom…understand that that’s a smart woman.

      And all this trap talk? A woman that is willing to put her body through carrying and bearing your child to “trap you”…call me crazy but there will likely be some hints that she is cool with that kind of behavior (she probably has a low paying job IF she has one, living conditions shaky, wedding books all over the place and seems to REALLY like all the things you have). AND yo’ ass would need to be trap-worthy. :’)

  2. Well, let me just say that I would certainly “trap” Zoe Saldana, Oprah Winfrey, and several other wealthy sistas with better FICA scores than my own, but beyond that, I do wonder about a woman who has condoms because I have only once been asked to use one (SCARY). As I put one on, they never question why I’m using one, but since only one woman has ever asked me to put one on, I’d question the one who had condoms ready. That’s just from personal experience.

    I don’t think I’d raise an eyebrow with the notion that she might be prepared because she does that often. In fact, I wouldn’t want that on my mind anyhow. I ALWAYS assume women are sleeping with someone else no matter WHAT they say, and judging by the lives of a few of my female friends, I tend to be right in that assumption.

    But why are you keeping them in your purse unless you’re on the way to my house or you know we’re going to the Snooty Fox? I mean, if I met you at the club and you’ve got condoms in your purse, that’s not a good sign for me. Yeah, I’ll pass on that ass. Thanks.

    • ONLY ONE WOMAN HAS ASKED YOU TO PUT ONE ON?! tragic. But then, why judge the woman who is prepared? If you asked her on a date and the evening evolved and she came with a condom in her purse shouldn’t you instead feel privileged because she decided that she wanted to have sex with you before the date.

  3. I try and have my own. Ive had a girl pull out a condom for the occasion and I didnt find anything wrong with it. The writer of this blog is probably hot…

  4. I would LOVE to find a woman who felt confident enough in her sexuality to bring something like condoms with her. I’ve been in a relationship with dozens of women over 40 years of dating -marriage-divorce-marriage-divorce-dating (all serially — I was a great, loyal, clean and devoted husband) and of all the women perhaps 5 or 6 were secure enough in themselves as sexual beings.

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