WTF Wednesday: Capitalism…Business As Usual

Dear Diary,

Since I’ve taken over as manager, I have requested and been denied a monument sign alerting would-be customers that we are open for business (WTF).  As a result, we have seen very little traffic in the way of (ahem) customers.  Still, my district manager has recorded my overall performance as noteworthy, particularly in relation to previous managers–the art of doing a lot with a little.  This is why I found it strange when my manager called to inform me that he would be pulling a newly hired manager from a high-traffic store to “train” at my shop and give me some “help” (WTF?).  At first I was a willing worker, agreeing to train this manager with all the alacrity I could muster, but upon second thought, it occurred to me that I was training a new manager in the same position that I hold at my shop (WTF!).  I called my district manager back and expresssed my concern.  He told me that no company would call ahead and alert an outgoing manager that he would be fired in three weeks.  He also told me to rest assured, but he didn’t tell me what I could be assured of.  So, here I am–with a demonstrable increase in productivity, revenue, and customer service that my district manager acknowledges–training my own replacement while resting assured.


2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Capitalism…Business As Usual

  1. What? That does not make sense. Why would they want you to train your replacement? That concept never made sense to me. If I’m good enough to train…why would you can me? And if you want to can me…do you really want me to train my replacement to do all the things that you want to replace me for.

    I would not train them to do a damn thing!

  2. Aww dayum homie. My mind is playin tricks on me. Or rather, I hope your mind is playing tricks on you, as you need that job like South Africans need their land back and like Black women need to lose the directions to the curly blond weave shop.

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