WTF Wednesday: Explain This!

So I’m in the club with my cousin in April of 2010 (Yes!  This year!), and I see this brotha standing alone (of course) but without embarrassment.  Yes.  That is a ducktail.  Yes.  Those are 7’s and dollar signs surrounded by superman man symbols pasted all over his coat.  No.  It wasn’t that cold out.  Yes.  This was worn to a club in Hollywood.  Yes.  The bouncers were slipping.  No.  I didn’t see him go home with anyone.  Yes.  I also assumed he recently won big at a slot machine in Las Vegas. 

I ask ladies and gentlemen: W     T     F?!

7 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Explain This!

  1. First, I thought “WTF Wednesday” was the funniest thing I’d seen in a while. I’m going to steal it and start using it. Thanks.

    Second, somewhere an MC Hammer impersonator is wondering where the fuck his jacket is.

    • First, I’d prefer you not “steal” the WTF Wednesday idea, but then again, I’ve seen many other sites and blogs that have one or something similar so enjoy!

      Second, ahahahahahahahhgagagagagagaaaaaaahahahhaah “…wondering where the fuck his jacket is”!!! bbaagaaahahahahahgagagaaa….good times.

  2. I like fucked up friday!

    The jacket is awful, but the hair! He should be shot for that hair style. He looks like a hot ass, loser trying to floss, mess.

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