WTF Wednesday: The Ridiculous Republican Party

Just what the hell is wrong with the Republican Party?  I haven’t heard not one republican refusing to the accept the juicy healthcare that our taxes provide them!  Yet, these greedy and fool-ass individuals are fighting tooth and nail against a necessary change.  I suppose we should not be surprised because conservatism is rooted in tradition, and we are talking about traditions that go back quite a while.  It’s interesting though that I haven’t heard of any republicans fighting against laws and regulations that require non-custodial parents to provide healthcare for their children.  Apparently, that’s honorable and necessary, but providing healthcare to this nation’s citizens is not?!  It should be noted, that the Anglo-Saxon power structure and conservatives in particular have fought to the death almost every social advance this nation has enjoyed.  Why should this be any different–especially with so much campaign money at stake (sigh)…

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