No One On the Corner Has Healthcare Like Us

I have a lot of issues with the legislation passed as comprehensive healthcare reform, mainly its lack of a public option, it not being universal in scope, it not fully kicking in until 2014, and its inability to give insurance companies the hair-noogies, ass-wedgies, and wet-ear-willies they truly deserve.

BUT, if this package puts us on the road to stronger reform, reform that curbs the exorbitant excesses of corporations and universally covers all Americans who need real coverage, not ER triage treatment, then I say we should applaud it and President Obama for getting the ball rolling.

In fact, I was about ready to write the brotha off a few months ago, because of his incessant need to attain bipartisanship and what seemed then like the lack of a real backbone on any particular issue those of my liberal ilk would give one in a bag full of damns about. 

This, however, redeems him.  The man has again made history.  32 million more people will soon have lives that are qualitatively better because of this bill.  Every semi-liberal president for the last 4 generations, going back to Franklin Roosevelt, has tried to do something about healthcare.  Obama got it done.  I once again believe he IS the smartest guy in the room.

Brush your shoulders off Barack, and take a bow.  And thank you for not giving up on those of us who might have given up on you.

2 thoughts on “No One On the Corner Has Healthcare Like Us

  1. I appreciate your honesty with regard to wanting to give up on the President. The US government is a unique beast and sometimes you have to let folks feel like they have the upperhand if you want to get anything accomplished. President Obama does a good job of playing both sides to move his agenda along. This bill is a win for the President and more importantly the American people, even if some are too hateful to admit it.

  2. Yeah, man. I agree with both of you. I don’t think the bill does enough, but no one else was planning on doing anything at all, so kudos to Obama for making some positive steps.

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