Thick & Fat: There Is A Difference!

It’s come to my attention that many women (who are not Black and some that are) do not know the difference between being “thick” and being “fat.”  Now, if you’re fat you’re fat.  Be okay with it.  There literally is a fan group for every type of woman there is, so you need not try to gain acceptance by identifying yourself as thick.  “Thick” has scientific connotations, and we ought not confuse “thick” with “fat.” 


Now the following women are thick:

Ki Toy


Don't know who she is, but she's thick.


Esther Baxter

These women are all thick.  That is, they are thick in all the right places.  Now, thickness has nothing to do with your breast size.  For example, look at Erykah Badu.Erykah Badu

Below Esther Baxter’s perfection (your god surely loved her in the making), and you will find women who are fat but trying to pass that fat off as thick. 

Um, HELL No!

Wide & FlatBad, meaning bad, as in this is not good or desirable or acceptable or up to the standards of thickness.

For some reason, White women and Mexican women really have it bad thinking that wide flat ass is what’s hot.  Perhaps that’s what’s up in your respective communities and for a few brothas who have long since lost their way, but as for me and my house (yeah I’m quasi quoting the Bible because it’s that serious), these HDTV 1080P 52″ FLAT screen asses ain’t got shit on a good ole 32″ CRT (cue picture of Serena Williams)!
Thick is not fat.  Fat is not thick.  Fat is chunky, and chunky is okay.  Hell, fat is okay, but YOU need to be okay with being fat.  Stop lying to yourselves, and stop lying to us because we are tired of meeting fat women trying to pass themselves off as thick.  Ladies, how frustrating would it be to constantly meet tall dark and handsome men who are 5’8″, pale, and not in the same city as handsome?  Wouldn’t that suck?  Wouldn’t you feel cheated?  That’s how we feel, and it’s just plain annoying. 
I’ve stood all I could stand, and I can’t stands no mo’! 

15 thoughts on “Thick & Fat: There Is A Difference!

  1. Lmao @ “can’t stands no mo’!”
    Umm, just a guess, but are you an ass man?
    Ok, so by your definition, thick means having a big ass. That to me is not what thick is. I thought thick was like a Jennifer Hudson or Oprah, like not quite fat but definitely not thin.

    • Thick isn’t just having ass. It’s having a firm has that moves into the thighs with a precise mathematical arc. The women above listed as thick have firm asses and thighs–not just big asses and thighs. The firmness is important. Also the ratio of ass to waist is very important. The ass needs to poke out from the back like Erykah Badu’s–not just be wide and all over the place like that one chick in the black tights (WTF?!). Oprah, is NOT thick. She’s chunky. Chunky isn’t all bad either. It’s just not thick.

      And me? I’m not a breast man or an ass man. I simply like Black women, and they come in all flavors in sizes and shapes.

  2. you could explain thickness as soft muscular body type and fat as just all over softness. and that’s all i think imma speak on this.

  3. Whew… Those pictures… How would you characterize a certain chocolate-skinned, long-haired sista I used to bring to the crib on Blaine?

    • I wonder what that woman is doing these days. Anyhow, she certainly WAS thick at some point, but she was rapidly moving into the world of fat. Luckily for her, the fat was localized, and sometimes localized fat in the ass and thigh area can be good. Now, I never had the occassion to touch that woman, but thick is jam, jello is fat. That woman was packing some jello, buddy.

  4. i have a big butt and small breast but i dont is that thick i got big thighs to and i see boys and men stop and turn im only 15, so i m wondering im i thick

  5. Ha I agree there’s a difference between fat and thick. But basically this article is about you loving black women and other ethnicitys are delusional except for black girls vibe.

  6. I found the tone in the article offensive being that I’m Latina because my ass is definetly not flat or broad that is just making an over generalization of Hispanic women and caucausion women that’s false…not all African American women have perfectly round bottoms either or women in general it takes working out toning and eating a balanced diet

    • Of course these are generalizations, but having a nice ass has a lot to do with genetics. Plenty of women work out constantly, but they will never achieve the type of ass I’m speaking of. They just don’t have the genes for it anymore than a 5’1″ dude has the genes to be an all star basketball player.

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