WTF Wednesday (Late Edition): Fear of a Black Hat

I’m just wondering White people: Just what the hell do you actually think a Black person is going to do to you–in broad daylight no less?

I work in an affluent beach city, and I keep coming across older White women who are apparently deathly afraid of me.  One woman jumped out of her skin when I clapped my hands softly upon remembering something I needed to tell her.  I’ve only seen such fear upon the faces of my children when they know discipline is on the way.  Another woman made a point of locking her door as she walked passed me seeking the first White face she could find, who incidentally, is my employee–not the other way around.

The thing about this is there has never been a period of time during which Black people were robbing, murdering, or beating White people up en masse.  This has never happened.  In fact, the contrary is true.  This is why a Black person in a predominately White neighborhood is endangering him/herself in ways that a White person in a predominately Black neighborhood need not worry about.  In fact, that White person faces almost no threats at all, since no Black community member would purposely welcome more police to his police-occupied.  Meanwhile, it is the police that a Black person must worry about while in a predominately White neighborhood. 

So where does this fear come from?  Is it guilt?  Are White people tacitly recognizing and agreeing that they deserve to be in fear of their lives around Black people for retribution’s sake?  I think so.  So guess what White people?  Since you’re afraid anyhow, I’m going to start slapping the unholy shit out of you whenever I suspect that you are fearful around me.  That way, at least your fears will be justified.  That is all.

One thought on “WTF Wednesday (Late Edition): Fear of a Black Hat

  1. i have nothing to add, suggest or complain about. i just wanted to share my uncontrollable laughter at this observation and the solution. thank you for this.

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