University of California Fee Hikes

I’ve been following some of the arguments surrounding the University of California fee hikes.  Listening to my favorite conservative radio program (yeah I listen), callers complained that students were protesting, and that they don’t want to pay for students to protest and block traffic.  This is an absolutely asinine argument.

First, a 30% increase in fees would send anyone into a frenzy; however, this effects the poorest students most.  These are students who have the academics to warrant attendance to the nation’s top public university school system, but who do not have the financial resources to pay for it.  And, anyone who has gone to a university knows that paying for school is easier said than done.  Top students apply for tens of scholarships only to win one, and of course, there is no guarantee that even a top ranked student will be awarded any money. 

Some callers in to the radio show angrily yelled that students need to get jobs.  Well, in California, this is MUCH easier said than done.  Nothing more need be said on that.

Probably the most damaging issue California State Universities and University of California schools are facing is that the number of courses offered has been significantly diminished.  Actually, this includes community colleges in California as well.  This means it takes that much longer to finish a given program, and now it is not uncommon for a student to not be able to get into any of the classes needed to complete a program for a given quarter.  Meanwhile, fees are still due, and sanctions may be applied if the student is not making “significant” progress through the program. 

I agree that this state has major issues, and I say to all those republicans and conservatives who voted in an almost unintelligible actor to run this state: Sit back and enjoy your work!

13 thoughts on “University of California Fee Hikes

  1. Republicans alone could not have put The Governator into office, they are a minority in California.

    He had votes from indpendents/ Democrats too, could not have been elected without them.

  2. Ahnold, a pretty poor representative for a Republican, simply fell into the mold of his predecessor, Gray Davis. When your entire state is beholden to every special interest, especially Govt unions, they come first over educational costs.

    If anyone should be blamed, it should be the union employees who year after year get pay raises, even as the State goes into the dumper. How do you slow the rate of fiscal destruction? Since you can’t cut union wages, you cut everywhere else you can.

    These students are so completely moronic as to not understand their secondary place in the food chain when it comes to Liberalism. If they did, they would be shouting about bus drivers making $100,000 yearly wages, not on tax increases that cannot be made because Cali can’t afford them. Businesses are fleeing the state in droves, does anyone think that raising taxes will truly increase revenue for long?

    • Raising taxes? Arnold? Gray Davis?

      Thanks for the republican talking points. Buddy, I’ve offered no political thoughts here. What I’m doing is pointing out that this is stupid. The issue is here is that of values. What do we value most? Clearly, we do not value education as we should–meanwhile we complain that our educational system is failing.

      Teachers are being laid off en masse, schools don’t have enough money to offer courses for those few students who did get into a school to even finish their degrees. We need to reprioritize what we spend money on and recognize that investing in human capital will ALWAYS yield the highest returns.

      • Sundjata, there is no reason to get heated. I value your comments, and am just adding my own.

        Certainly you are aware of the amount of money we put into edjucation per capita, and how it rates in the world? We are number 2, behind only the Netherlands. Are we numero 2 in comparing our students scholastically to other countries paying far less? We are not even close.

        If you have a problem, it should be with massive Government that is sapping dollars and trying to make up that with school budget cuts, not that some cuts cannot be made. When facing big govt unions that contribute huge dollars to their campaigns, and cutting funds for colleges–you can guess who gets the cuts first.

        The truth is that we have an expectation for the money we put into education. Those are called “results”, but if our resulting students fail while we give teachers more money, aren’t we just pouring money down a rat hole?

        • I’m not heated at all.

          California has the highest paid teachers in the union–of that I’m aware. For me the issue surrounds the pedagogy offered and the social environment in which instruction takes place. What is needed is a radical overhaul of the methods by which we understand and measure educational achievement.

          Again, this has nothing to do with government spending or any other typically empty talking point. The heart of the issue here is values. When we spend as much money as we do on wars and military while our schools are failing, there’s a problem. Not only that, but not every student is given the best chance to succeed by today’s standards. Certain schools can’t afford to get books to their students while other schools within the same district are spending 2 and 3 times the average per student spending. This goes back to values and who is considered valuable. This is the only way we could justify such gross inequalities and suffering.

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