1st Annual Kill a Descendant of Slaveowners Cook Out

That’s right Black people.  I’m very pleased to announce the First (of many more to come) Annual Kill a Descendant of Slaveowners Cook Out.  Bring your Toussaint L’Ouverture garb, as our opening theme will be:

Whatever defamation of character my enemies are spreading about me, I do not feel the need to justify myself toward them. While discretion obliges me to remain silent, my duty compels me to prevent them from doing any more harm. –Toussaint L’ Ouverture

Food and White people will be provided. We’ll be at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) this Monday (the 8th) where there are plenty of descendants of slaveowners and sympathizers of slaveowners.  We’ll drink “rum,” eat White people in effigy, simulate the rape White women, have sex with animals in effigy, not shower, spread diseases, and scream about how great freedom is just like the original denizens and citizens who started this great nation did.  Sign up for the Kill a Cracker Olympics.  Spots will go fast.  And remember: this is all just in fun.  There are no issues of race or racism here.  We’re just a bunch of young people having a bit of cultural-historical fun–nothing serious just like the “Compton Cook-Out.” 

Oh, and join us for other great celebrations: Genocide on Redskins Day, Kill a Kike Day, Partition Afrika Month (Afrika is a big continent), and Rape is Great Day! 

‘Fucking White people are out of their rabid-ass minds with the damned “Compton Cook-Out” and a noose hanging in the library.  This is just for fun?  Who the fuck are you kidding?!

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