I Saw Beyonce Beat Up Batman

I never get tired of looking at this video.  Actually, I can watch this one, the “Diva” video, and that other one (the name slips my mind) in which she’s dancing with two background chicks that couldn’t pay me to look away from Beyonce.  I really wasn’t feeling her much at first, and truth be told, I prefer Letoya Luckett over Beyonce on any day (twice on Tuesdays–Yeah I said it!). 

Still, I know modern-day ninjas who don’t have the balance that Beyonce has.  I’ve seen astronauts with magnetic shoes walking on metal floors display less balance than Beyonce in some stiletto heels.  I mean, yeah she fell that one time, but after years of grooving in heels harder than most can in Adidas, she’s allowed one slip up.

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