Irrational Racial Fears & Guilt

There are still White people who lock their doors and clutch their purses in broad daylight when I pass.  I used to be offended, but not anymore.  I know that most White people are completely ignorant in that way, but I am curious as to where this irrational fear comes from. 

When were Black people robbing Whites in droves–and in broad daylight no less?  Has this ever been the case?  Isn’t just the opposite true?  Don’t Whites have a long history of robbing, killing, and abusing Blacks regardless of the sun’s position and without fear of reproach?  And when they stopped outright murdering us, don’t Whites have a state-sponsored organization (the police) dedicated to beating Blacks about the head, neck, and shoulders without pause? 

It was suggested to me that this fear reaction is based upon a deep-seated understanding and acknowledgement that really, Whites deserve to be robbed, beaten, and mistreated by Blacks for having benefitted so much from the degradation of the Black race.  I don’t disagree with that.  We must be clear: the notion of the scary Black man coming to get you is just plain stupid and ahistorical.  In fact, as a Black man, I have more to fear from Blacks than any White person!  This, of course, is a result of internal colonization.  It is more likely that Blacks would suffer physical threat or the loss of property at the hands of Anglo-American organizations or White individuals than the other way around. 

But, such is the nature of cultural brainwashing.  We watch movies, news programs, and read literature that focuses on the street-level crime committed by persons of color.  That irrational fear and cultural programming ignores social context, historical facts, and the supra-negative effects of so called “white-collar” crime. 

I’m considering stripping naked the next fearful White person I meet and beating the unholy crap out of her/him in order to at least earn the false fears they have!

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