Damn I Miss Lauryn Hill!

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is and always will be a hip hop/soul classic.  My goodness I miss Lauryn Hill. 

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have listened to The Fuguees if it weren’t for Lauryn.  Do you remember Wylcef’s verse on “Zealots?”

…These cats can’t rap. Mr. Author I feel no Vibe. (Whatchu read?) The magazine says the girl shoulda went solo. The guy should stop rappin’–vanish like Menudo.

Man, I couldn’t agree more ‘Clef. Lauryn should’ve gone solo.  Nevermind that though.  Lauryn’s skills are unmatched.  She’s a true soul singer.  Lyrically, she’s one of the dopest ever, and while she is sexy, she didn’t sell sex like so many other female emcees have–Foxy Brown, Little Kim, Trina, and the “my neck, my back” girl (whatever her name was) for example. 

At any rate, I just miss her music.  It’s understood that you can tell the real by how the real interact, and indeed Lauryn is real.  Holla Lauryn.  We miss you girl!

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