WTF Wednesday: Burger King

Forty minutes ago, I stopped by Burger King for two bacon croissantwiches before going in to work early.  I was given two sausage croissantwiches.  I know that I ordered two bacon croissantwiches because I always order two bacon croissantwiches.  I don’t even like sausage.  I haven’t eaten them yet.  I’m awaiting my assistant manager’s arrival so that I may return to Burger King, slam the food I didn’t order on the counter and demand the food I did order.  I’m literally sitting here hungry allowing my anger to boil because I’m just fed up with the absolute stupidity that comes with fastfood workers.  I shouldn’t have to check my order before I leave the lot every time I order…I cannot wait to get back to Burger King!

“Burger King!  Have it your way…unless your way conflicts with what we want you to have.”

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Burger King

  1. hmm . . . this is not as WTF as the previous entries have been . . . although, this incident does suck and should not be tolerated, i do feel that something waaaaaaaaaaaay more crazy has or will happen that will generate a more eye-popping WTF entry.

  2. And I just realized that you basically copied your entire post from your site and plugged it in as a comment here. Wow! How lame are you? You are no longer welcome here, sir.

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