WTF Wednesday: You Can Flush It…Or Not

Dear Diary,

I’m a very peculiar person.  I feel the need to investigate things that others might consider a waste of time.  As such, I was recently compelled to determine the identity of the employee who feels the need to wipe his ass and throw the toilet paper, shit side up (WTF?!?!), in the garbage rather than flushing it down the toilet like the rest of us. 

I made up my mind that as the manager I would not individually confront the offensive culprit prior to having some evidence.  I needed to be more diplomatic about things.  I spent some weeks investigating–it was dirty, stinky being the first to enter the restroom after someone had just laid an unholy egg (WTF).  I began by evaluating my team in terms of culture, overall hygiene, customer concern, and respect for me.  My White employee is relatively clean.  He’s a bit more catholic in his culture than the average White man.  He’s genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction, and he certainly respects me.  My new assistant manager, a Black man, matches my own proclivities in realtion to the variables my investigation was concerned with, so I ruled him out quickly.  That left my two Mexican employees (sadly).  One scored moderate to high on the variables in question, but the other, still fresh from Mexico, scored very low marks in terms of overall hygiene (WTF).  This was, in fact, the only aberration from the rest of the team. 

Feeling confident that I’d discovered with whom the blame lies, I held a team meeting, discussing marketing, being detail-oriented, customer service, and other issues.  I stared into the eyes of my team members randomly as I conducted the meeting, but as I moved on to discussing bathroom cleanliness, I stared at the guilty party, and he could not look me in the eye as I detailed how unnecessary it is to save shit-stained toilet paper in the trash can when they will flush (generally) without incident.  He nodded in what I considered to be tacit agreement that the behavior was his and would stop. 

Later, I did some secondary investigating in order to close the case with a few notes, and apparently, there are some areas in Mexico, where the guilty party is directly from, in which the plumbing simply cannot handle flushing toilet paper, and so there is a waste basket for garbage and another one for used toilet paper (WTF?!).  Two days ago, I pulled my ESL employee aside and boldly told him to flush all articles used during his defecation.  His face flushed red, and he scurried away like a frightened squirrel (WTF).  I haven’t seen him use the restroom at all since.  Perhaps he’s saving himself and his shitty toilet tissue for homecourt advantage.

5 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: You Can Flush It…Or Not

  1. Not some areas of Mexico, most areas of Mexico and your handling of the situation shows the same lack of awareness and understanding that leads to conflict throughout the world. Hope you’re satisfied with yourself.

    • Soooo…rather than he deferring to the dominant culture at the jobsite and flushing his used toilet tissue so that the rest of the team and customers don’t have to see or smell what he’d done, I should allow him to do what his home culture demands–notwithstanding that he’s been here for over three years?


  2. Well….I think you could’ve handled that with a little more sensitivity. I recall a woman from a middle eastern country @ UCR that had a similar practice. She volunteered this information (have NO IDEA why we were discussing our fecal indiscretions) and we all just changed the subject (well, one of us insisted it was GROSS first, but then we all glossed over that and explained that toilet tissue is made to degrade in water). Come to think of it, I think she volunteered the info because she thought she was putting US up on game, for why so many toilets get clogged….but yeah, once she realized that the consensus was not in her favor, she withdrew the sense of infallibility in her voice.

    • Bostonian and Jeff AND my blog partner here all agree that I could’ve been more sensitive or something another in this regard. However, I would like to remind you all, that no other employee would behave as this employee had, and had I not revealed the race of the employee in question, you all would simply share a laugh. And, while race wasn’t important here, culture is.

      Remember: I waited over a month before I said anything. I didn’t bother to mention that this same employee often uses the restroom and leaves with the soap being dry only to eat whatever lunch is supplied for the day. I think he just may be less concerned with hygiene than the rest of us; however, I still find it interesting that while we all use the same restroom and he’s been here for three years, he never wondered why he was the only one not flushing his toilet paper. Oh well.

  3. I’m grossed out beyond measure and I don’t think that as a manager you needed to be anymore sensitive than you already were with your employee. Yes, it was a personal matter but it affected too many people for the matter to be dealt with lightly.

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