One MORE Reason Why I’m Neither Christian Nor Republican

Regarding one of the worst natural disasters this hemisphere has suffered in recent memory, the great Christian-conservative right devoted almost no time to the tens of thousands of deaths.

Rush Limbaugh spoke AGAINST sending aid, saying,

We’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.

Aaaaaand, Pat Robertson offered the following jewel of Christian agape love:

You know, for me this is further proof that Christianity as a positively life-changing institution is simply not getting it done–and perhaps it never has.  Say what you will, but if Pat Robertson is a Christian, and I don’t wanna be one!  We ought to be taking care of any Robertson adherent because clearly they have some sort of physiological disadvantage wherein education is wasted upon them.  Only problem with this suggestion is, of course, we don’t have the healthcare funding to help these people who are, indeed, in need.

2 thoughts on “One MORE Reason Why I’m Neither Christian Nor Republican

  1. Religion is bad in the hands of bad people, and good in the hands of good people. Pat Robertson, Limbaugh, most of the anchors on Fox News. Are dangerous people who have hijacked religion.

  2. Thats a horse load of crap. Pat Robertson is one person and does not represent the views of many Christian Conservatives. Obviously, Cobbie has not watched FOX News. If Cobbie did, then Cobbie would know that all of the FOX news Anchors, Reporters, and Commentators have asked all people to donate whatever they can, and some of them have been in Haiti since the earthquake helping whoever they can, especially little children.

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