9 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Dennis Rodman

  1. There is no end to the number of jokes and “they look like…” comments I could make on this dude’s lips, but I will exercise some restraint and assume that you see what I see when looking at that dude’s lips.

  2. I’ll tell you what his lips look like……a pierced tussy!!! His is absolutely gut wrenching. He is a dried up, crispy, yuk moufeded (yeah that), drunk ass, waste of skin!!!! Just gross, and I have seen him in person to confirm!!! Good day all 🙂


    “Waste of skin?” Dang!

    I don’t understand him. I mean…I don’t get him/it. It’s like looking at a piece of abstract art made of shit, a Black man’s pubic hair, and swollen hippo vagina lips. I’m supposed to find meaning in this?

  4. Swollen hippo vagina lips…..HAHAHAHAH BWAHAHAHhH (losing air here) HAHAHAHAHAHA ….lawd hammercy. That hair is probably mumbling Oiiil can (like the tin man from Wizard of Oz) …… see he is the pure reason why I Tivo’d celeb rehad this season….hey call me a masochist (<—– spelling????) ha!

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