Who Still Uses “Negro”–Other Than the Census and Rush Limbaugh?


The idea that the term “negro” is being added to the census makes no sense to me.  But hey, I’m a just an average Black man with his finger on the pulse of his people–apparently, negro people.  Define us however you all see fit.


21 thoughts on “Who Still Uses “Negro”–Other Than the Census and Rush Limbaugh?

  1. I guess you havent heard then. In a book that was published on the campaign in 2008, Harry Reid said Obama had “no negro dialect”, saying Obama was only black when he wanted to be. It was a racial comment. Fortunately for Reid, Al Sharpton and Obama thinks it’s ok if a Democrat uses racial language so nothing happened to him.

  2. LOL. J-Hosey, how you been mayne? How’s school going? Have you had a chance to take any Ethnic Studies or African American History courses yet? You should do it if for no other reason than to help you better refute our raving liberal arguments regarding communities of color, oppression, race and racism, etc.

  3. Im doing good. Schools going great. No I havent taken any of those courses and dont plan on it. I was just saying that Harry Reid uses that word too, someone that Sundjata forgot to mention.

  4. Really? You don’t even “plan on it”? If you are a student, and ostensibly someone who is committed to lifelong learning and personal growth, why would you so boldly shut yourself off from a given body of knowledge and thought??

    For instance, I’m clearly not a Nazi or a fan of Hitler, but I did read “The Rise and Fall of the thrid Reich” by William Shirer many years ago. It was a great biography of Adolph’s life, and actually painted much more of a human face on him than I had expected. Apparently he was very artistic and also had a strong interest in architecture, but couldn’t get accepted into any of the good schools for architectural study. He was also a very astute student of German political movements and history, and his ascent from an impoverished, often homeless, unknown citizen from an estranged family, into a global figure, is fascinating.

    Again, I’m no Nazi, but I am open to lifelong learning and knowledge in general. Perhaps someday you will reconsider your current stance and not shoot down those strands with which you are unfamiliar, simply because they don’t fit neatly and conveniently with what you’ve already accepted as truth.

  5. Im not taking any courses like that mainly because they dont fit into my major or my schedule. Also, I knew that about Hitler, I was taught about that in history classes Ive taken in the past. Once again though you’re missing the point I was making, and you and Sundjata have proven one I was going to bring up. The fact that liberal Democrats can make racial remarks and no one cares, but then a conservative Republican can make the same remark and everyone goes crazy. I dont know about you but I dont care for that double standard. Mainly I was answering the question that was the name of the post. Harry Reid uses it too.

    • ?!?!!? We’ve proven that democrats can make racial comments? Did you read what I said after you told me what Harry Reid said? I think not, which further proves an underlying truth about conservatives: while they may read fast, they don’t retain much information. lol

  6. Well I dont buy that its just a white thing, and I dont think anyone with half a brain seriously buy that, not where I am anyway. And obviously you werent listening to what I was saying. You just proved that you will give a democrat a free pass if that democrat says anything racial, where you wouldnt if a republican says it.


      You mentioned yourself that I clearly didn’t hear about what Harry Reid said, so how am I giving him a pass? lol Then, once you did tell me, the party politics become void because the lowest common denominator for those two individuals is race, and the reason why you don’t see that is because such classes that would make you more aware “don’t fit” your schedule.

      ..critical reading and thinking skills, buddy…we all need them.

      (you may have the last word, sir)

  7. To be honest Hosey, it doesn’t mean much to me when a Republican, Democrat, or politically unaffiliated random person of pure or mixed heritage calls Black folks “negroes.” I’d raise an eyebrow if someone called us “niggers,” but even then 2 things are true: first, context is everything, and second, that would be nowhere near as significant or egregious as the subtle, covert, and daily institutional acts that keep too many Black people (or “negroes”) in marginalized social, political, and economic positions.

    That is exactly why you haven’t seen me chime in with an opinion on Limbaugh or Reid. Read my post on “The Scarcity of Marriageable Black Men,” and it will give you greater context for what I am saying here.

  8. LOL!! Trying to keep the black man down eh? You know if I had a nickel for everytime I heard that from a liberal I would be a billionaire. Its obvious I cant get through to you so there’s no point in trying anymore. But once again, I was answering the question posed in the title of the article. Limbaugh’s not the only one

  9. It definitely is a part of history, but I think its time to stop living in the past guys. Slavery was like over 100 years ago and the Civil Rights stuff ended in the 60’s. Come on out to the 21st century, where we can all laugh at Al Gore

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