Avatar: Gimmie Back My $16!!!

I finally gave in and watched Avatar in 3D.  A friend told me that it was “visually stunning” just like one of those catch phrases meant to entice consumers.  I’ve got many thoughts regarding this movie.  I couldn’t help but to leave it feeling some kind of way. 

Objectively, the movie was a delight to watch.  I found the way in which humanoids were made to be included in the “natural world” (something that is usually considered separate from human life–another Eurocentric worldview, but I digress…) to be fulfilling.  I enjoyed the vibrant colors, and while I cannot say whether seeing the movie in 3D was so much better than seeing it in 2D would have been, I’m glad that my children enjoyed it. 

On the other hand, I also consider the movie to be a bit controversial in ways that the film makers may not have consciously been aware of.  The film is basically a Dances With Wolves meets Matrix meets District 9 splashed with any film you can remember wherein White people were doing what they do best: kill, destroy, and ruin the lives of nations of color for the sake of owning that which should not be owned.  And that means that this film was, of course, not complete without a White Jesus character who is more special and has a better connection to the deity of people of color than they do. 

Self-serving doesn’t begin to explain the mood of this film.  No wonder White people feel that they own the world.  They rewrite history as they see fit.  They create cultural works that reinforce the sense of pride in themselves that is based upon false ideas and stolen legacies.  I’m not big on environmentalism.  I’ll use the recycle bin if one is readily available, but this film offered an opportunity to make a political statement about the necessity of our environment.  While I definitely think that the film makers offered some thoughts in this regard, whatever might have been gleaned in this respect is supremely overshadowed by the story of a White man in a wheelchair on a path of redemption that, naturally, begins with wholeheartedy shitting upon the native peoples of a given land. 

This type of story is so not new or refreshing, that I was glad that the there were so many colors on the screen or I would have really felt cheated!  I’m still considering writing a formal complaint about not being able to get my two and half hours of life back!  We saw this story of the redemptive White man who is really good at heart–the Paul on the road to Damascus–in District 9, Blood Diamond, Dances With Wolves, The Matrix, The Last Samurai, Pocohantas, and so on and so on and so on and so forth.  For me, the White man saves us all theme just ruins what I found to be a truly remarkable connection between life and the never-ending essence of energy.  Whatever…

So what do I think of Avatar?

…Like watching a two and half hour film of a sexy Black woman slowly undressing only to find that she, in fact, was concealing a white penis, um…I’m cool.  You can miss me with that.

5 thoughts on “Avatar: Gimmie Back My $16!!!

  1. I gotta disagree on this one Sun. With the exception of the White Savior archetype that was embodied in the wheelchair-bound soldier’s character, I thought this movie was a DOPE retelling of the classic imperialist, colonialist, exploitative “Euro’s-meet-people-of-color” story that literally changed the course of world history for the last 5 millennia–and, as the director and writer told us so creatively, could threaten to fuck up all future world’s.

    As for the Jesus character, I think it’s dope, in a poetic justice sort of way, that his redemption and physical rebirth was ultimately as a Navi. He basically had to renounce his “Whiteness”, die, and be reborn, with an entirely different level of consciousness (and a new set of skin to match). If there’s not a message in that for my Y-T brothas and sistas then I truly don’t know where they will ever see/find one.

    • Yeah. I suppose that we could be happy that in the end, “Jesus” couldn’t become all he could be unless he gave up his Whiteness, but like every other redemptive White super character, he did that for ass! That’s right. Sully didn’t spend time with the Navi (?) and realize that he was missing a type of life that is more in line with the balance of the universe. Nope. He had himself a virtual reality sex session with a chick and decided that he needed to be able to hit that on a regular basis–that and the fact that he’ll be able to walk and run again are the reasons why he made the decision he made in the end. Had that blue chick not been at all interested in him, he would’ve carried out that original mission with no real concern, and again, this is how it usually is for the redemptive White man. There is typically some vagina that they are after that causes them to wanna learn more about the culture.

      Besides, how much of an f*ing boone for White people is it that no matter where they go–no matter which culture they come in contact with–they can find a way to write themselves in as that culture’s chosen one or even that culture’s god?

      Man, I really do want my $16 back!

  2. Maybe I need to watch this movie again. Several people have touched on the story’s underlying meaning and parallels to real life and when I saw the movie I just didn’t get that. Maybe I was too caught up in the emotional aspect of the love story and too distracted by the colors and 3D-ness because when asked if I liked the movie my response is usually: “It was cool to watch.”

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