WTF Wednesday: Keep Up With the Kardassshians


Are you f*ing kidding me?!  So all this time, this show about the Kardashian family is centered around some tramp with a big ass?!  She’s not a singer, an actress, or a professional of any kind?  She’s just some non-Black tramp with a big ass, and we’re super excited to see her?  WTF?!

I remember a while back watching Channel 13 news and seeing a “new trend” in Beverly Hills, where White women were apparently on the cutting edge of what’s hot because they were getting braids. LMAO  WTF?! 

I can also remember people going crazy over the semi-talented Jennifer Lopez because she has a big ass.  I mean, at least J-Lo can dance, so she has some redeemable qualities.

Still, I find it interesting that J-Lo and Kim Kardashian are famous for physical attributes that a large portion of Black women are born with.  But, as Mos Def once said, “I guess that’s just the way it goes–steal my flows and try to say they yo’s.” (“Rock N Roll“) 

More importantly, watching that Kardashian show left me wondering what the difference is between these four people:                                                                                                      

That star Pinky


Porn is porn, buddy. That said, would I visit with Kim and J-Lo?  Yup!  lol  (Oh you wouldn’t–just to say you did?  Aight den.)

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