6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Pluck Them Away

  1. I’m a gay man and I think plucked eyebrows are seriously unbecoming of ANY kind of man, gay or straight! It irked me enough when gay men did it, now heteros do it as well. Even The Rock has plucked brows. Actor Billy Zane is another tragic example; he also paints his brows with what appears to be mascara.

    • Something about Hollywood and entertainment allows men (regardless of their sexual proclivities) to maintain themselves in the same manner of a woman without concern. Jamie Foxx, P. Diddy, and many other wear makeup.

  2. hey just wanted to comment and say there is something called ALOPECIA AREATA, which is an auto-immune response causing severe balding… it is possible that any guy you see plucking his eyebrows, including these guys, has experienced awkward balding of their eyebrows.
    I can only say this because it is true for me… my eyebrows were balding as well as other hair on my head. it was very awkward being treated like a leper and having to tell every person i talk to that i have a terrible illness that NOBODY seems to understand. it made me wear hats to cover up these weird bald spots, and my eyebrows were terribly uneven, so yes i did pluck my eyebrows. deal with it.

    • Not sure what the “deal with it” comment refers to. Should I deal with your feelings of awkwardness or your comment or the unfortunate rare disease you’ve been dealing with or how butthurt you are because society ostracized you because you (unfortunately) are different?

      While there are hair loss diseases and diseases that cause hair growth, I doubt these gentlemen suffer from either. It seems they “suffer”–if it is indeed suffering–from a strong unction to be prettier than they are in their natural state. That’s what the post is about, sir. Sorry for your loss.

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