War & No Public Option: A Failed Presidency Within a Year?

I’m a little confused by my president’s actions (inactions).  In fact, I’m a little confused by the system of governance that so many tout as the greatest of all. 

I have yet to come across a poll of this country’s citizens in which the public option is not favored.  If this is a government for the people and by the people, why aren’t the people being listened to? 

Those who know me know that I am no Christian; however, I accept wisdom wherever it may be found, and it is true, as it is written in the book of Proverbs, that “out of the heart, comes the issues of life.”  In other words, it is true that we can judge one another because we are understood and known by our works, and our behaviors reveal what our mouths deny exists in our hearts.  To be clear, we undoubtedly value war over education.  We value empire over domestic peace.  We value corporate success over all. 

My brother Earpiece once intimated to me that he would completely lose faith in this government if Obama is unable to bring in real healthcare reform.  Well, not only do we not have that reform in the manner of a single-payer system, but we also do not have even a public option, which still baffles me.  In fact, we now have our president, who did indeed campaign on healthcare reform, denying that he did so. 

I do feel let down.  We have found a way to accomplish any and everything else we want to get done, but when it comes to the care of this nation’s citizens, we are nothing more than an afterthought–a political trope as empty as the desire to capture the sun’s rays in one’s hands. 

Indeed, we know what our leaders value most, and it is not our welfare.

One thought on “War & No Public Option: A Failed Presidency Within a Year?

  1. Dayum! This will be my quote of the week:

    “To be clear, we undoubtedly value war over education. We value empire over domestic peace. We value corporate success over all. ”

    It is increasingly difficult to defend Bro. Obama. As much as we all hate to admit that we are wrong, I’m coming to terms with what increasingly seems like a sad fact–I was wrong about the potential, will, and agenda of then Senator Obama. I thought he was going to be a radical change agent and a mirror of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Nope to the first and nuh-uh to the second. What’s even more brow-raising though is that Black folks by and large are still happy to simply have him on the throne, regardless of how little he has done (or even said) for Black America. White Republicans, meanwhile, couldn’t be anymore livid, as if Obama has done something to qualitatively and dramatically alter the direction of this country.

    I almost feel bad voicing an unfavorable opinion about the man, but the fact thus far is that he’s done nothing I can measure to bring about “change we can believe in.” He seems mostly corporate, centrist, and unwilling to speak out on racial hegemony and inequality issues, unless we are counting that speech he gave almost 2 years ago when Fox news was bashing him with looped Reverend Wright soundbites.

    I do hope he changes, but thus far, there is no reason to think he will do so.

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