The Princess & the Frog: No Complaints Here

I took my princess to see Disney’s The Princess & the Frog, and to be honest, I have absolutely no complaints about this movie.  The setting justifies any racial concerns anyone could have.  It’s a great movie for a father to take his daughter(s) to see.  The music was good, there weren’t any coons, and it was just a good movie about a princess. 

I have read some of the complaints from Blacks and other culturally aware individuals regarding this movie.  A good deal of the negative comments regarding this film are from those who have yet to see it.  To be clear, we can all agree that Disney is a for-profit corporation, and there’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with targeting certain dollars.  That’s just good business sense, and since Disney did New Orleans justice as far as displaying the various intersections of class and culture, I really see no reason to not see this film or to criticize it. 

As a father, I’m actually proud that Disney and Pixar Films are giving us some props.  It’s not often that fathers are given much prestige, but when it comes to the cartoon genre, fathers are very prominent–The Little Mermaid, The Princess & the Frog, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Up, Pinocchio, and Astro Boy–to the name the ones I can think of off the dome.  I certainly appreciate that. 

Anyhow, The Princess & the Frog gets my approval.  I love that jazz.  Incidently, an excellent read on Black vernacular music is Stepping on the Blues by Jacqui Malone.  It gives a great account of jazz music, and it’s an easy and interesting read.  Pick it up!

5 thoughts on “The Princess & the Frog: No Complaints Here

  1. Disney’s first black princess! This is my childhood dream realized. I loved it. I thought it was very well done. A typical Disney movie and I love most, if not all, animated Disney films. We’ve complained for years about the lack of a black princess, then when we finally get one, we complain that it exists, without even giving it a chance! Some Black people were so offended by the movie based on what?!? A 30-second promo they saw during the commercial break while they were probably watching “Soul Plane” or “Hustle and Flow” on BET. Calm the f** down! I am so proud of the movie and I can’t wait to buy the DVD so I can one day watch it with my future children.

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