The Very Ridiculous Mark Ridley-Thomas

Mark Ridley-Thomas is the Los Angeles County Supervisors in the district I live in.  LA County supervisors have $1 million in discretionary funds to spend–at their discretion.  Other supervisors have spent modest amounts of money renovating their offices and supporting various programs within their districts.

Mark Ridley-Thomas wants to spend $707 thousand on renovating his office, alone!  This reprehensible waste of money comes at a time when California faces record unemployment rates and in the midst of state and county hiring freezes.  $707,000 is more than twice the median cost of a home in his district, and yet he’s spending it on a single office!  I might be more understanding if he were spending perhaps $10 thousand on his office, which, by the way, is far from being shabby. 

Ridley-Thomas claims that his work environment is not up to snuff.  L     O     L!!!  That is ridiculous to the point of being offensive.  Perhaps he ought to visit the office I work in.  I wonder how much he’d be willing to spend on renovating my deplorable work conditions.  Lord knows I need it.

Anyhow, please visit this link and watch the video of Ridley-Thomas spewing complete nonsense.

6 thoughts on “The Very Ridiculous Mark Ridley-Thomas

  1. His sons went to Pilgrim with me, they were completing 8th grade when I was graduating high school. Needless to say, they are miniature versions of their father and had our school been a bit more populated (or I had been a guy) they would’ve been beaten up . . . regularly.

  2. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is a distinctive and successful man of color. For years an independent man of his variety could not receive an achievement such as this but today he should have an opportunity to have that office so that young people can look up to him.

    • Sorry, but in this case his race isn’t a factor, and if it is, it should make him more aware that he is being watched. Spending three quarters of a million dollars on an office while denizens of his district don’t have funding for the few programs around designed to benefit them is just plain indefensible.

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